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Vector Class Reference

#include <vec.h>

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Detailed Description

Vector of doubles, faster than STL vector.

David Saxton

Definition at line 20 of file vec.h.

Public Member Functions

double abs () const
bool isChanged () const
void limitTo (double scaleMax, Vector *limitVector)
void negative (Vector *rhs)
void operator*= (double s)
void operator+= (Vector *rhs)
void operator-= (Vector *rhs)
void operator= (Vector &v)
const double operator[] (const int i) const
double & operator[] (const int i)
void reset ()
void setUnchanged ()
int size () const
 Vector (const int size)

Private Member Functions

Vectoroperator= (const Vector &)
 Vector (const Vector &)

Private Attributes

bool b_changed
int m_size
double * m_vec

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