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Unary Member List

This is the complete list of members for Unary, including all inherited members.

addButton(const QString &id, const QRect &pos, const QString &display, bool toggle=false)CIWidgetMgr
addButton(const QString &id, const QRect &pos, QPixmap pixmap, bool toggle=false)CIWidgetMgr
addChild(Item *child)Item
addDisplayText(const QString &id, const QRect &pos, const QString &display, bool internal=true, int flags=Qt::AlignHCenter|Qt::AlignVCenter)CNItem [protected]
addSlider(const QString &id, int minValue, int maxValue, int pageStep, int value, Qt::Orientation orientation, const QRect &pos)CIWidgetMgr
allowedOrientations() const FlowPart
b_deleted (defined in Item)Item [protected]
b_pointsAdded (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
baseZ() const Item [inline]
button(const QString &id) const (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr
buttonStateChanged(const QString &, bool) (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [inline, virtual]
canFlip() const Item [inline, virtual]
canResize() const Item [inline, virtual]
canRotate() const Item [inline, virtual]
childAdded(Item *)Item [inline, protected, virtual]
childNode(const QString &childId)CNItem
childRemoved(Item *)Item [inline, protected, virtual]
children(bool includeGrandChildren=false) const Item
CIWidgetMgr(QCanvas *canvas, CNItem *item) (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr
CNItem(ICNDocument *_icnView, bool newItem, const QString &id) (defined in CNItem)CNItem
construct(ItemDocument *itemDocument, bool newItem, const char *id) (defined in Unary)Unary [static]
contains(Item *item, bool direct=false) const Item
createAltOutput()FlowPart [protected]
createNode(double _x, double _y, int orientation, const QString &name, uint type)CNItem
createProperty(const QString &id, Variant::Type::Value type) (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [virtual]
createStdInput()FlowPart [protected]
createStdOutput()FlowPart [protected]
dataBool(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
dataChanged() (defined in Unary)Unary [protected, virtual]
dataColor(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
dataDouble(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
dataInt(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
dataString(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
description() const Item [inline]
drawShape(QPainter &p)FlowPart [protected, virtual]
drawWidgets(QPainter &p)CIWidgetMgr
endPart(QStringList ids, FlowPartList *previousParts=0l)FlowPart
enterEvent() (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
filterEndPartIDs(QStringList *ids)FlowPart [inline, protected, virtual]
finishedCreation()Item [virtual]
FlowPart(ICNDocument *icnDocument, bool newItem, const QString &id) (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
FlowSymbol enum name (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
font() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
generateMicrobe(FlowCode *code) (defined in Unary)Unary [virtual]
getClosestNode(const QPoint &pos)CNItem
getMultiplier(double num)Item [static]
getMultiplier(const QString &mag)Item [static]
getNumberMag(double num)Item [static]
getNumberPre(double num)Item [static]
gotoCode(const QString &internalNodeId)FlowPart [protected]
handleIfElse(FlowCode *code, const QString &case1Statement, const QString &case2Statement, const QString &case1, const QString &case2)FlowPart
hasDynamicContent() const Item [inline]
hasProperty(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
height() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
id() const Item [inline]
initCallSymbol() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline, protected]
initDecisionSymbol() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline, protected]
initIOSymbol() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline, protected]
initPainter(QPainter &p)CNItem [protected, virtual]
initProcessSymbol() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline, protected]
initRoundedRectSymbol() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline, protected]
initSymbol(FlowPart::FlowSymbol symbol, int width=48)FlowPart [protected]
inputParts(const QString &id)FlowPart
isMovable() const Item [inline, virtual]
isRaised() const Item [inline]
Item(ItemDocument *itemDocument, bool newItem, const QString &id) (defined in Item)Item
itemData() const (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [virtual]
itemDocument() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
ItemLibrary (defined in Item)Item [friend]
itemPointsChanged()Item [protected, virtual]
leaveEvent() (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
level() const Item
libraryItem() (defined in Unary)Unary [static]
m_altOutput (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_baseZ (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_bDoneCreation (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_bDynamicContent (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_bIsRaised (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_brushCol (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
m_caption (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_children (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_desc (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_font (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_id (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_itemPoints (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_name (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_nodeMap (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
m_offset (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
m_orientation (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_pFlowCodeDocument (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_pos (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [protected]
m_selectedCol (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
m_sizeRect (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_stdInput (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_stdOutput (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
m_textMap (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
m_type (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_variantData (defined in Item)Item [protected]
m_widgetMap (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [protected]
mgrX() const (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [inline]
mgrY() const (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [inline]
minimumSize() const Item [inline, virtual]
mouseDoubleClickEvent(const EventInfo &eventInfo) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
mouseMoveEvent(const EventInfo &eventInfo) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
mousePressEvent(const EventInfo &eventInfo) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
mouseReleaseEvent(const EventInfo &eventInfo) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
moveBy(double dx, double dy)CNItem [virtual, slot]
movedBy(double dx, double dy)Item [signal]
name() const Item [inline]
nodeId(const QString &internalNodeId)CNItem
nodeMap() const CNItem [inline]
offsetX() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
offsetY() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
orientation() const (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [inline]
orientationPixmap(uint orientation, QPixmap &pm) const FlowPart
outputPart(const QString &internalNodeId)FlowPart
p_canvas (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [protected]
p_cnItem (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [protected]
p_icnDocument (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
p_itemDocument (defined in Item)Item [protected]
p_parentItem (defined in Item)Item [protected]
parentItem() const Item [inline]
postResize() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected, virtual]
preResize(QRect sizeRect) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
property(const QString &id) const (defined in Item)Item
ps_call enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
ps_decision enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
ps_io enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
ps_other enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
ps_process enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
ps_round enum value (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart
removeChild(Item *child)Item [slot]
removed(Item *item)Item [signal]
removeDisplayText(const QString &id)CNItem [protected]
removeItem()CNItem [virtual, slot]
removeNode(const QString &name)CNItem
removeWidget(const QString &id)CIWidgetMgr
reparented(Item *oldParent, Item *newParent)CNItem [protected, virtual]
resized()Item [signal]
restoreFromItemData(const ItemData &itemData) (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [virtual]
rtti() const CNItem
selected(Item *item, bool isSelected=true)Item [signal]
setButtonState(const QString &id, int state) (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr
setCaption(const QString &caption)FlowPart [virtual]
setDisplayText(const QString &id, const QString &display) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [protected]
setDrawWidgets(bool draw)CIWidgetMgr
setInitialPos(const QPoint &pos)CNItem
setItemPoints(const QPointArray &pa, bool setSizeFromPoints=true)Item [protected]
setOrientation(uint orientation)FlowPart
setParentItem(Item *parentItem)Item
setRaised(bool isRaised)Item
setSelected(bool yes)Item [virtual]
setSize(QRect sizeRect, bool forceItemPoints=false)Item
setSize(int x, int y, int w, int h, bool forceItemPoints=false)Item [inline]
setVisible(bool yes) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
setWidgetsPos(const QPoint &pos)CIWidgetMgr
sizeRect() const Item [inline]
slider(const QString &id) const (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr
sliderValueChanged(const QString &, int) (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [inline, virtual]
slotUpdateFlowPartVariables()FlowPart [slot]
snap(int newx=-1, int newy=-1)CNItem
textMap() const CNItem [inline]
type() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
Unary(ICNDocument *icnDocument, bool newItem, const char *id=0L) (defined in Unary)Unary
unselected(Item *item, bool isSelected=false)Item [signal]
updateAttachedPositioning()FlowPart [protected, virtual]
updateConnectorPoints(bool add)CNItem [virtual]
updateNodeLevels() (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
updateNodePositions() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [protected]
updateVarNames()FlowPart [slot]
updateZ(int baseZ)CNItem [virtual]
variantMap()Item [inline]
varNameChanged(QVariant newValue, QVariant oldValue)FlowPart [slot]
wheelEvent(const EventInfo &eventInfo) (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
widgetWithID(const QString &id) const CIWidgetMgr
width() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
~CIWidgetMgr() (defined in CIWidgetMgr)CIWidgetMgr [virtual]
~CNItem() (defined in CNItem)CNItem [virtual]
~FlowPart() (defined in FlowPart)FlowPart [virtual]
~Item() (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
~Unary() (defined in Unary)Unary

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