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Simulator Class Reference

#include <simulator.h>

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Detailed Description

This singleton class oversees all simulation (keeping in sync linear, nonlinear, logic, external simulators (such as gpsim), mechanical simulation, etc).
David Saxton

Definition at line 83 of file simulator.h.

Public Slots

void slotSetSimulating (bool simulate)


void simulatingStateChanged (bool isSimulating)

Public Member Functions

void addChangedCircuit (Circuit *changed)
void addChangedLogic (LogicOut *changed)
void addStepCallback (int at, LinkedList< ComponentCallback > *ccb)
void attachCircuit (Circuit *circuit)
void attachComponent (Component *component)
void attachComponentCallback (Component *component, VoidCallbackPtr function)
void attachGpsimProcessor (GpsimProcessor *cpu)
void attachSwitch (Switch *sw)
void createLogicChain (LogicOut *logicOut, const LogicInList &logicInList, const PinList &pinList)
void detachCircuit (Circuit *circuit)
void detachComponent (Component *component)
void detachComponentCallbacks (Component *component)
void detachGpsimProcessor (GpsimProcessor *cpu)
void detachSwitch (Switch *sw)
bool isSimulating () const
void removeLogicInReferences (LogicIn *logic)
void removeLogicOutReferences (LogicOut *logic)
long long time () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Simulatorself ()

Protected Member Functions

template<typename T>
void attach (LinkedList< T > **start, T *data)
template<typename T>
void detach (LinkedList< T > **start, T *data)
template<typename T>
void detachAll (LinkedList< T > *list)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bIsSimulating
LinkedList< ComponentCallback > * m_componentCallbacks
LinkedList< Component > * m_components
LinkedList< GpsimProcessor > * m_gpsimProcessors
QValueList< LogicOut * > m_logicChainStarts
 List of LogicOuts that are at the start of a LogicChain.
LinkedList< Circuit > * m_ordinaryCircuits
LinkedList< ComponentCallback > * m_pNextStepCallback [LOGIC_UPDATE_RATE/LINEAR_UPDATE_RATE]
LinkedList< ComponentCallback > * m_pStartStepCallback [LOGIC_UPDATE_RATE/LINEAR_UPDATE_RATE]
LinkedList< Switch > * m_switches

Static Protected Attributes

static Simulatorm_pSelf = 0l

Private Slots

void step ()

Private Attributes

unsigned char m_currentChain
long m_llNumber
long long m_stepNumber

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