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ProjectManager Class Reference

#include <projectmanager.h>

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Detailed Description

Project Management.

David Saxton

Definition at line 266 of file projectmanager.h.

Public Slots

virtual void clear ()
void slotAddCurrentFile ()
void slotAddFile ()
bool slotCloseProject ()
void slotCreateSubproject ()
void slotExportToMakefile ()
void slotItemBuild ()
void slotItemProcessingOptions ()
void slotItemUpload ()
void slotNewProject ()
void slotOpenProject (const KURL &url)
void slotOpenProject ()
void slotProjectOptions ()
void slotRemoveSelected ()
void slotRemoveSelectedItem ()
void slotSubprojectAddCurrentFile ()
void slotSubprojectAddExistingFile ()
void slotSubprojectLinkerOptions ()


void filesAdded ()
void filesRemoved ()
void itemClicked (const QString &id)
void itemDoubleClicked (const QString &id)
void itemRemoved (const QString &id)
void projectClosed ()
void projectCreated ()
void projectOpened ()
void subprojectCreated ()

Public Member Functions

void addItem (const QString &caption, const QString &id, const QString &category, const QPixmap &icon=QPixmap(), bool removable=false)
ProjectInfocurrentProject () const
void updateActions ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ProjectManagerself (KTechlab *ktl=0l, KateMDI::ToolView *parent=0l)
static QString toolViewIdentifier ()

Protected Member Functions

bool readOpenState (const QString &id)
void setListCaption (const QString &caption)
void writeOpenStates ()

Protected Attributes

KTechlab *const p_ktechlab

Private Slots

void slotContextMenuRequested (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos, int col)
void slotItemClicked (QListViewItem *item)

Private Member Functions

 ProjectManager (KTechlab *ktl, KateMDI::ToolView *parent)

Static Private Attributes

static ProjectManagerm_pSelf = 0l

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