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ProjectInfo Class Reference

#include <projectmanager.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 238 of file projectmanager.h.

Public Types

enum  { AllTypes = ProjectType | FileType | ProgramType | LibraryType }
enum  { AllOutputs = ProgramOutput | ObjectOutput | LibraryOutput | UnknownOutput }
enum  OutputType { ProgramOutput = 1 << 0, ObjectOutput = 1 << 1, LibraryOutput = 1 << 2, UnknownOutput = 1 << 3 }
enum  Type { ProjectType = 1 << 0, FileType = 1 << 1, ProgramType = 1 << 2, LibraryType = 1 << 3 }

Public Member Functions

void addChild (ProjectItem *child)
void addCurrentFile ()
void addFile (const KURL &url)
void addFiles ()
bool build (ProcessOptionsList *pol)
KURL::List childOutputURLs (unsigned types=AllTypes, unsigned outputTypes=AllOutputs) const
ProjectItemList children () const
bool closeOpenFiles ()
QString directory () const
ProjectItemfindItem (const KURL &url)
HexFormat::type hexFormat () const
QString libraryDir () const
QStringList linkedExternal () const
QStringList linkedInternal () const
QString linkerOther () const
QString linkerScript () const
virtual QString microID () const
QString name () const
bool open (const KURL &url)
bool outputMapFile () const
OutputType outputType () const
KURL outputURL () const
 ProjectInfo (ProjectManager *projectManager, KTechlab *ktechlab)
bool save ()
bool saveAndClose ()
void setHexFormat (HexFormat::type hexFormat)
void setILVItem (ILVItem *ilvItem)
void setLibraryDir (const QString &libraryDir)
void setLinkedExternal (const QStringList &linkedExternal)
void setLinkedInternal (const QStringList &linkedInternal)
void setLinkerOther (const QString &other)
void setLinkerScript (const QString &linkerScript)
virtual void setMicroID (const QString &id)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setOutputMapFile (bool outputMapFile)
void setOutputURL (const KURL &url)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
void setUseParentMicroID (bool useParentMicroID)
QDomElement toDomElement (QDomDocument &doc, const KURL &baseURL) const
Type type () const
QString typeToString () const
void upload (ProcessOptionsList *pol)
KURL url () const
bool useParentMicroID () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString hexFormatToString (HexFormat::type format)
static HexFormat::type stringToHexFormat (const QString &hexFormat)
static Type stringToType (const QString &type)

Protected Member Functions

void domElementToItem (const QDomElement &element, const KURL &baseURL)
void domElementToLinkerOptions (const QDomElement &element, const KURL &baseURL)
void domElementToProcessingOptions (const QDomElement &element, const KURL &baseURL)
void updateControlChildMicroIDs ()
void updateILVItemPixmap ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_bOutputMapFile
bool m_bUseParentMicroID
ProjectItemList m_children
HexFormat::type m_hexFormat
QString m_libraryDir
QStringList m_linkedExternal
QStringList m_linkedInternal
QString m_linkerScript
QString m_microID
QString m_name
QString m_other
KURL m_outputURL
QGuardedPtr< ILVItemm_pILVItem
Type m_type
KURL m_url

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