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PicItem Class Reference

#include <picitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for PicItem:

CNItem Item CIWidgetMgr

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Detailed Description

Allows visual editing of inital PIC settings
David Saxton

Definition at line 66 of file picitem.h.

Public Slots

virtual void moveBy (double dx, double dy)
void removeChild (Item *child)
virtual void removeItem ()
virtual void updateAttachedPositioning ()


void movedBy (double dx, double dy)
void removed (Item *item)
void resized ()
void selected (Item *item, bool isSelected=true)
void unselected (Item *item, bool isSelected=false)

Public Member Functions

ButtonaddButton (const QString &id, const QRect &pos, QPixmap pixmap, bool toggle=false)
ButtonaddButton (const QString &id, const QRect &pos, const QString &display, bool toggle=false)
void addChild (Item *child)
SlideraddSlider (const QString &id, int minValue, int maxValue, int pageStep, int value, Qt::Orientation orientation, const QRect &pos)
int baseZ () const
Buttonbutton (const QString &id) const
virtual void buttonStateChanged (const QString &id, bool state)
virtual bool canFlip () const
virtual bool canResize () const
virtual bool canRotate () const
NodechildNode (const QString &childId)
ItemList children (bool includeGrandChildren=false) const
ConnectorList connectorList ()
bool contains (Item *item, bool direct=false) const
NodecreateNode (double _x, double _y, int orientation, const QString &name, uint type)
virtual VariantcreateProperty (const QString &id, Variant::Type::Value type)
bool dataBool (const QString &id) const
QColor dataColor (const QString &id) const
double dataDouble (const QString &id) const
int dataInt (const QString &id) const
QString dataString (const QString &id) const
QString description () const
void drawShape (QPainter &p)
void drawWidgets (QPainter &p)
virtual void enterEvent ()
virtual void finishedCreation ()
const QFont & font () const
NodegetClosestNode (const QPoint &pos)
bool hasDynamicContent () const
bool hasProperty (const QString &id) const
int height () const
QString id () const
virtual bool isMovable () const
bool isRaised () const
virtual ItemData itemData () const
ItemDocumentitemDocument () const
virtual void leaveEvent ()
int level () const
int mgrX () const
int mgrY () const
virtual QSize minimumSize () const
virtual bool mouseDoubleClickEvent (const EventInfo &eventInfo)
virtual bool mouseMoveEvent (const EventInfo &eventInfo)
virtual bool mousePressEvent (const EventInfo &eventInfo)
virtual bool mouseReleaseEvent (const EventInfo &eventInfo)
QString name () const
QString nodeId (const QString &internalNodeId)
NodeMap nodeMap () const
int offsetX () const
int offsetY () const
ItemparentItem () const
 PicItem (ICNDocument *icnDocument, bool newItem, const char *id, MicroSettings *_microSettings)
virtual bool preResize (QRect sizeRect)
Variantproperty (const QString &id) const
bool removeNode (const QString &name)
void removeWidget (const QString &id)
virtual void restoreFromItemData (const ItemData &itemData)
int rtti () const
void setButtonState (const QString &id, int state)
void setChanged ()
void setDrawWidgets (bool draw)
void setInitialPos (const QPoint &pos)
void setParentItem (Item *parentItem)
void setRaised (bool isRaised)
virtual void setSelected (bool yes)
void setSize (int x, int y, int w, int h, bool forceItemPoints=false)
void setSize (QRect sizeRect, bool forceItemPoints=false)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
void setWidgetsPos (const QPoint &pos)
QRect sizeRect () const
Sliderslider (const QString &id) const
virtual void sliderValueChanged (const QString &, int)
void snap (int newx=-1, int newy=-1)
TextMap textMap () const
QString type () const
virtual void updateConnectorPoints (bool add)
virtual void updateNodeLevels ()
virtual void updateZ (int baseZ)
VariantDataMap * variantMap ()
virtual bool wheelEvent (const EventInfo &eventInfo)
WidgetwidgetWithID (const QString &id) const
int width () const

Static Public Member Functions

static double getMultiplier (const QString &mag)
static double getMultiplier (double num)
static QString getNumberMag (double num)
static int getNumberPre (double num)
static QString typeString ()

Protected Slots

virtual void dataChanged ()
void slotMicroSettingsDlgAccepted ()

Protected Member Functions

TextaddDisplayText (const QString &id, const QRect &pos, const QString &display, bool internal=true, int flags=Qt::AlignHCenter|Qt::AlignVCenter)
virtual void childAdded (Item *)
virtual void childRemoved (Item *)
virtual void initPainter (QPainter &p)
virtual void itemPointsChanged ()
virtual void postResize ()
void removeDisplayText (const QString &id)
virtual void reparented (Item *oldParent, Item *newParent)
void setDisplayText (const QString &id, const QString &display)
void setItemPoints (const QPointArray &pa, bool setSizeFromPoints=true)
void updateVisibility ()

Protected Attributes

bool b_deleted
bool b_pointsAdded
int m_baseZ
bool m_bDoneCreation
bool m_bDynamicContent
bool m_bExpanded
bool m_bIsRaised
QColor m_brushCol
ItemList m_children
QString m_desc
QFont m_font
QString m_id
int m_innerHeight
QPointArray m_itemPoints
QString m_name
NodeMap m_nodeMap
QPoint m_offset
PinItemList m_pinItemList
QPoint m_pos
QColor m_selectedCol
QRect m_sizeRect
TextMap m_textMap
QString m_type
VariantDataMap m_variantData
WidgetMap m_widgetMap
QCanvas * p_canvas
QGuardedPtr< ItemDocumentp_itemDocument
GuardedItem p_parentItem


class ItemLibrary

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