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Node Class Reference

#include <node.h>

Inheritance diagram for Node:

ECNode FPNode

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Detailed Description

A standard node that can be associated with a Connector or a CNItem.

David Saxton

Definition at line 34 of file node.h.

Public Types

enum  node_dir { dir_up = 270, dir_right = 0, dir_down = 90, dir_left = 180 }
enum  node_type {
  ec_pin, ec_junction, fp_in, fp_out,

Public Slots

void checkForRemoval (Connector *connector)
void moveBy (double dx, double dy)
void removeNode ()
void removeNode (Item *)
void setNodeSelected (bool yes)


void moved (Node *node)
void removed (Node *node)

Public Member Functions

bool acceptInput () const
bool acceptOutput () const
void addInputConnector (Connector *const connector)
void addOutputConnector (Connector *const connector)
const QString childId () const
ConnectorcreateInputConnector (Node *startNode)
virtual void drawShape (QPainter &p)=0
const QString id () const
ConnectorList inputConnectorList () const
bool isChildNode () const
bool isConnected (Node *node, NodeList *checkedNodes=0L)
int level () const
 Node (ICNDocument *icnDocument, Node::node_type type, node_dir dir, const QPoint &pos, QString *id=0L)
NodeData nodeData () const
NodeGroupnodeGroup () const
int numCon (bool includeParentItem, bool includeHiddenConnectors) const
ConnectorList outputConnectorList () const
CNItemparentItem () const
void removeConnector (Connector *connector)
void removeNullConnectors ()
virtual int rtti () const
void setChildId (const QString &id)
virtual void setLevel (const int level)
void setNodeGroup (NodeGroup *ng)
void setOrientation (node_dir dir)
virtual void setParentItem (CNItem *parentItem)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
node_type type () const

Protected Member Functions

QPoint findConnectorDivergePoint (bool *found)
bool handleNewConnector (Connector *newConnector)
void initPoints ()

Protected Attributes

QString m_childId
node_dir m_dir
QString m_id
ConnectorList m_inputConnectorList
int m_level
ConnectorList m_outputConnectorList
QColor m_selectedColor
node_type m_type

Private Attributes

bool b_deleted

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