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bool ItemDocument::registerItem ( QCanvasItem *  qcanvasItem  )  [virtual]

Attempt to register the item, returning true iff successful

Reimplemented in ICNDocument, and MechanicsDocument.

Definition at line 115 of file itemdocument.cpp.

References itemAdded(), itemSelected(), itemUnselected(), and requestEvent().

Referenced by MechanicsDocument::registerItem(), and ICNDocument::registerItem().

      if (!qcanvasItem)
            return false;
      requestEvent( ItemDocument::ItemDocumentEvent::ResizeCanvasToItems );
      switch (qcanvasItem->rtti())
            case ItemDocument::RTTI::DrawPart:
            case ItemDocument::RTTI::CNItem:
                  Item *item = dynamic_cast<Item*>(qcanvasItem);
                  connect( item, SIGNAL(removed(Item*)), this, SLOT(requestRerouteInvalidatedConnectors()) );
                  connect( item, SIGNAL(selected(Item*,bool)), this, SIGNAL(itemSelected(Item*)) );
                  connect( item, SIGNAL(unselected(Item*,bool)), this, SIGNAL(itemUnselected(Item*)) );
                  return true;
                  return false;

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