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void ExternalLanguage::resetLanguageProcess (  )  [protected, inherited]

Creates process and makes connections, ready for the derived class to add arguments and start the process.

Definition at line 121 of file externallanguage.cpp.

References ExternalLanguage::deleteLanguageProcess(), and Language::reset().

Referenced by processInput(), PicProgrammer::processInput(), Gplink::processInput(), Gplib::processInput(), Gpdasm::processInput(), Gpasm::processInput(), and Microbe::processInput().

      m_errorCount = 0;
      m_languageProcess = new KProcess(this);
      connect( m_languageProcess, SIGNAL(receivedStdout( KProcess*, char*, int )),
                   this, SLOT(receivedStdout( KProcess*, char*, int )) );
      connect( m_languageProcess, SIGNAL(receivedStderr( KProcess*, char*, int )),
                   this, SLOT(receivedStderr( KProcess*, char*, int )) );
      connect( m_languageProcess, SIGNAL(processExited( KProcess* )),
                   this, SLOT(processExited( KProcess* )) );

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