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void Element::componentDeleted (  )  [inherited]

This is called from the Component destructor. When elementSetDeleted has also been called, this class will delete itself.

Definition at line 61 of file element.cpp.

References Element::b_status, Element::setCBranches(), and Element::setCNodes().

Referenced by Component::removeElement(), and Component::removeElements().

//    assert(!b_componentDeleted);
      if (b_componentDeleted)
            // Something strange happened here....
      if (b_eSetDeleted) return delete this;
      b_componentDeleted = true;
      b_status = false;
//    kdDebug() << "Element::componentDeleted(): Setting b_status to false, this="<<this<<endl;
      p_eSet = 0l;
      p_A = 0l;
      p_b = 0l;

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