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ElementSet Class Reference

#include <elementset.h>

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Detailed Description

Handles a set of circuit elements.

Steps in simulation of a set of elements: (1) Create this class with given number of nodes "n" and voltage sources "m" (2) Add the various elements with addElement. (3) Call performDC() (4) Get the nodal voltages and voltage currents with x() (5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 if necessary for further transient analysis.

This class shouldn't be confused with the Circuit class, but considered a helper class to Circuit. Circuit will handle the simulation of a set of components over time. This just finds the DC-operating point of the circuit for a given set of elements.

David Saxton

Definition at line 46 of file elementset.h.

Public Member Functions

void addElement (Element *e)
Vectorb () const
int cbranchCount () const
CBranch ** cbranches () const
Circuitcircuit () const
int cnodeCount () const
CNode ** cnodes () const
bool containsNonLinear () const
void createMatrixMap ()
void displayEquations ()
bool doLinear (bool performLU)
void doNonLinear (int maxIterations, double maxErrorV=1e-9, double maxErrorI=1e-12)
 ElementSet (Circuit *circuit, const int n, const int m)
CNode * ground () const
Matrixmatrix () const
void setCacheInvalidated ()
void updateInfo ()
Vectorx () const
 ~ElementSet ()

Private Attributes

bool b_containsNonLinear
uint m_cb
CBranch ** m_cbranches
uint m_clogic
uint m_cn
CNode ** m_cnodes
NonLinearList m_cnonLinearList
ElementList m_elementList
CNode * m_ground
LogicIn ** p_logicIn

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