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Connector Class Reference

#include <connector.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Represents a connection between two Nodes on a ICNDocument.

David Saxton

Definition at line 37 of file connector.h.

Public Slots

void removeConnector (Node *=0L)
void syncWiresWithNodes ()


void numWiresChanged (unsigned newNum)
void removed (Connector *connector)
void selected (bool yes)

Public Member Functions

 Connector (Node *startNode, Node *endNode, ICNDocument *_ICNDocument, QString *id=0L)
ConnectorData connectorData () const
QPointList connectorPoints (bool reverse=false) const
NodeendNode () const
ICNDocumenticnDocument () const
QString id () const
NodeGroupnodeGroup () const
unsigned numWires () const
CNItemparentContainer () const
bool pointsAreReverse (const QPointList &pointList) const
void rerouteConnector ()
void restoreFromConnectorData (const ConnectorData &connectorData)
virtual int rtti () const
void setNodeGroup (NodeGroup *nodeGroup)
void setParentContainer (const QString &cnItemId)
void setRoutePoints (QPointList pointList, bool setManual, bool checkEndPoints=false)
virtual void setSelected (bool yes)
void setSemiHidden (bool semiHidden)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
QValueList< QPointList > splitConnectorPoints (const QPoint &pos) const
NodestartNode () const
void translateRoute (int dx, int dy)
void updateConnectorPoints (bool add)
void updateDrawList ()
bool usesManualPoints () const
Wirewire (unsigned num=0) const
WireVector wires () const

Protected Member Functions

void updateConnectorLines ()

Protected Attributes

bool b_deleted
bool b_manualPoints
bool b_pointsAdded
bool b_semiHidden
bool m_bIsSyncingWires
ConnectorLineList m_connectorLineList
QGuardedPtr< Nodem_endNode
QString m_id
QRect m_oldBoundRect
QGuardedPtr< Nodem_startNode
WireVector m_wires

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