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void Component::removeElement ( Element element,
bool  setPinsInterIndependent 
) [inherited]

Safely delete an element - in this case, calls element->componentDeleted, and removes it from the element list.

setPinsInterIndependent whether to call setPinsInterIndependent. The call is time-consuming, and unnecessary if the pins from which the element was originally attached will be/ were removed, or they will become interdependent again.

Definition at line 117 of file component.cpp.

References Element::componentDeleted(), Component::elementDestroyed(), Component::m_elementMapList, and Component::rebuildPinInterDepedence().

Referenced by ResistorDIP::initPins(), Multiplexer::initPins(), Demultiplexer::initPins(), DAC::initPins(), ADC::initPins(), and Switch::stopBouncing().

      if (!element)
      emit elementDestroyed(element);
      const ElementMapList::iterator end = m_elementMapList.end();
      for ( ElementMapList::iterator it = m_elementMapList.begin(); it != end; )
            ElementMapList::iterator next = it;
            if ( (*it).e == element )
            it = next;
      if ( setPinsInterIndependent )

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