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 *   Copyright (C) 2003-2005 by David Saxton                               *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *


#include "icndocument.h"

class Circuit;
class Component;
class Connector;
class ECNode;
class Element;
class ICNDocument;
class KTechlab;
class Pin;
class QTimer;
class Switch;
class Wire;

class KActionMenu;

typedef QValueList<Circuit*> CircuitList;
typedef QValueList<Component*> ComponentList;
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Connector> > ConnectorList;
typedef QValueList<ECNode*> ECNodeList;
typedef QValueList<Element*> ElementList;
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Pin> > PinList;
typedef QValueList<Switch*> SwitchList;
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Wire> > WireList;

class Circuitoid
      bool contains( Pin *node ) { return pinList.contains(node); }
      bool contains( Wire *con ) { return wireList.contains(con); }
      bool contains( Element *ele ) { return elementList.contains(ele); }
      void addPin( Pin *node ) { if (node && !contains(node)) pinList += node; }
      void addWire( Wire *con ) { if (con && !contains(con)) wireList += con; }
      void addElement( Element *ele ) { if (ele && !contains(ele)) elementList += ele; }

      WireList wireList;
      PinList pinList;
      ElementList elementList;

CircuitDocument handles allocation of the components displayed in the ICNDocument
to various Circuits, where the simulation can be performed, and displays the
information from those simulations back on the ICNDocument
@short Circuit view
@author David Saxton
00062 class CircuitDocument : public ICNDocument
            CircuitDocument( const QString &caption, KTechlab *ktechlab, const char *name = 0L );
            virtual View *createView( ViewContainer *viewContainer, uint viewAreaId, const char *name = 0l );
            void calculateConnectorCurrents();
             * Count the number of ExternalConnection components in the CNItemList
            int countExtCon( const ItemList &cnItemList ) const;
            virtual void update();
      public slots:
             * Creates a subcircuit from the currently selected components
            void createSubcircuit();
            void displayEquations();
            void setOrientation0();
            void setOrientation90();
            void setOrientation180();
            void setOrientation270();
            void rotateCounterClockwise();
            void rotateClockwise();
            void itemFlip();
             * Enables / disables / selects various actions depending on what is
             * selected or not.
             * @param plugContextMenu If true, then will insert actions into contextmenu
            virtual void slotInitItemActions( Item *item = 0L );
            void requestAssignCircuits();
            void componentAdded( Item * item );
            void componentRemoved( Item * item );
            void connectorAdded( Connector * connector );
            virtual void slotUpdateConfiguration();
            virtual void itemAdded( Item * item );
            virtual void fillContextMenu( const QPoint &pos );
            virtual bool isValidItem( Item *item );
            virtual bool isValidItem( const QString &itemId );
            KActionMenu * m_pOrientationAction;
      private slots:
            void assignCircuits();
             * If the given circuitoid can be a LogicCircuit, then it will be added to
             * m_logicCircuits, and return true. Else returns false.
            bool tryAsLogicCircuit( Circuitoid *circuitoid );
             * Creates a circuit from the circuitoid
            Circuit *createCircuit( Circuitoid *circuitoid );
             * @param node Current node (will be added, then tested for further
             * connections).
             * @param nodeList List of nodes in current partition.
             * @param unassignedNodes The pool of all nodes in the CircuitDocument
             * waiting for assignment.
             * @param onlyGroundDependent if true, then the partition will not use
             * circuit-dependent pins to include new pins while growing the
             * partition.
            void getPartition( Pin * pin, PinList * pinList, PinList * unassignedPins, bool onlyGroundDependent = false );
             * Takes the nodeList (generated by getPartition), splits it at ground nodes,
             * and creates circuits from each split.
            void splitIntoCircuits( PinList * pinList );
             * Construct a circuit from the given node, stopping at the groundnodes
            void recursivePinAdd( Pin * pin, Circuitoid *circuitoid, PinList * unassignedPins );
            void deleteCircuits();
            QTimer *m_updateCircuitsTmr;
            CircuitList m_circuitList;
            ComponentList m_toSimulateList;
            ComponentList m_componentList; // List is built up during call to assignCircuits
            PinList m_pinList;
            WireList m_wireList;
            SwitchList m_switchList;


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