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Traverser Class Reference

#include <traverser.h>

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Detailed Description

Keeps persistant information needed and the algorithm for traversing the binary trees made of BTreeNodes, initialise either by passing a BTreeBase or BTreeNode to traverse a sub tree.

Note that this is designed for traversing in the *reverse* way starting at the end of each branch in order to calculate the expression contained in the tree.

Daniel Clarke

Definition at line 33 of file traverser.h.

Public Member Functions

BTreeNodecurrent () const
void descendLeftwardToTerminal ()
void moveToParent ()
BTreeNodenext ()
bool onLeftBranch ()
BTreeNodeoppositeNode ()
BTreeNoderoot () const
void setCurrent (BTreeNode *current)
BTreeNodestart ()
 Traverser (BTreeNode *root)

Protected Attributes


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