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MicroSettings Class Reference

#include <microsettings.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores Pic settings - pin settings.

This class stores PIC settings that are specific to the PIC program being devloped. This includes such things as port settings and variable settings. This is different from PIC info, which includes stuff such as PIC pin names

David Saxton

Definition at line 109 of file microsettings.h.

Public Types

enum  VariableType { vt_signedInteger, vt_unsignedInteger, vt_unknown }


void pinMappingsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

bool deleteVariable (const QString &name)
MicroData microData () const
MicroInfomicroInfo () const
 MicroSettings (MicroInfo *microInfo)
PinMapping pinMapping (const QString &id) const
PinMappingMap pinMappings () const
PinSettingspinWithID (const QString &id)
int portState (const QString &port)
int portType (const QString &port)
void removeAllVariables ()
void restoreFromMicroData (const MicroData &microData)
void setPinMappings (const PinMappingMap &pinMappings)
void setPinState (const QString &id, PinSettings::pin_state state)
void setPinType (const QString &id, PinSettings::pin_type type)
void setPortState (const QString &port, int state)
void setPortType (const QString &port, int type)
void setVariable (const QString &name, QVariant value, bool permanent=true)
VariableInfo * variableInfo (const QString &name)
QStringList variableNames ()

Private Attributes

PinMappingMap m_pinMappings
PinSettingsList m_pinSettingsList
PortList m_ports
VariableMap m_variableMap

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