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JunctionNode Class Reference

#include <junctionnode.h>

Inheritance diagram for JunctionNode:

ECNode Node

List of all members.

Detailed Description

An ECNode class with type() == ec_junction

Definition at line 19 of file junctionnode.h.

Public Types

enum  node_type {
  ec_pin, ec_junction, fp_in, fp_out,

Public Slots

void checkForRemoval (Connector *connector)
void moveBy (double dx, double dy)
void removeNode ()
void removeNode (Item *)
void setNodeSelected (bool yes)


void moved (Node *node)
void numPinsChanged (unsigned newNum)
void removed (Node *node)

Public Member Functions

void addConnector (Connector *const connector)
QPointArray areaPoints () const
QRect boundingRect () const
QBrush brush () const
QCanvas * canvas () const
const QString childId () const
bool collidesWith (const QCanvasItem *) const
QCanvasItemList collisions (const bool exact) const
ConnectorList connectorList () const
ConnectorcreateConnector (Node *node)
virtual void drawShape (QPainter &p)
virtual ConnectorgetAConnector () const
virtual ConnectorList getAllConnectors () const
void hide ()
const QString id () const
bool isChildNode () const
virtual bool isConnected (Node *node, NodeList *checkedNodes=0L)
bool isSelected () const
bool isVisible () const
 JunctionNode (ICNDocument *icnDocument, int dir, const QPoint &pos, QString *id=0L)
int level () const
void move (double const x, double const y)
bool needRedraw () const
NodeData nodeData () const
NodeGroupnodeGroup () const
virtual int numCon (bool includeParentItem, bool includeHiddenConnectors) const
unsigned numPins () const
CNItemparentItem () const
QPen pen () const
Pinpin (unsigned num=0) const
PinVector pins () const
QPointArray points () const
virtual void removeConnector (Connector *connector)
virtual void removeNullConnectors ()
virtual void setBrush (const QBrush &b)
virtual void setCanvas (QCanvas *)
void setChildId (const QString &id)
void setLength (int length)
virtual void setLevel (const int level)
void setNeedRedraw (const bool needRedraw)
void setNodeChanged ()
void setNodeGroup (NodeGroup *ng)
void setNumPins (unsigned num)
void setOrientation (int dir)
virtual void setParentItem (CNItem *parentItem)
virtual void setPen (const QPen &p)
void setPoints (QPointArray)
virtual void setSelected (const bool yes)
void setShowVoltageBars (bool show)
void setShowVoltageColor (bool show)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
void setX (double a)
void setY (double a)
void setZ (double a)
void show ()
bool showVoltageBars () const
bool showVoltageColor () const
virtual node_type type () const
double x () const
double y () const
double z () const

Protected Slots

void removeElement (Element *e)
void removeSwitch (Switch *sw)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addToChunks ()
virtual void changeChunks ()
void deinitPainter (QPainter &p)
void draw (QPainter &)
virtual QPoint findConnectorDivergePoint (bool *found)
bool handleNewConnector (Connector *newConnector)
void initPainter (QPainter &p)
virtual void initPoints ()
void invalidate ()
bool isValid () const
virtual void removeFromChunks ()
void setWinding (bool)
void update ()
bool winding () const

Protected Attributes

bool m_bShowVoltageBars
bool m_bShowVoltageColor
ConnectorList m_connectorList
int m_dir
int m_length
int m_level
QCanvasRectangle * m_pinPoint
PinVector m_pins
double m_prevI
double m_prevV
node_type m_type
double myx
double myy
double myz
QPointArray poly
bool val

Static Protected Attributes

static QColor m_selectedColor = QColor( 101, 134, 192 )

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