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CIWidgetMgr Class Reference

#include <ciwidgetmgr.h>

Inheritance diagram for CIWidgetMgr:

CNItem Component FlowPart PicItem ADDAC BiDirLED BinaryCounter Buffer BusSplitter Capacitor Demultiplexer DependentSource EC555 ECBCDTo7Segment ECBJT ECCell ECClockInput ECCurrentSignal ECCurrentSource ECDiode ECDPDT ECDPST ECFixedVoltage ECGround ECJFET ECKeyPad ECLogicInput ECLogicOutput ECMOSFET ECOpAmp ECPotentiometer ECPTBSwitch ECPTMSwitch ECRotoSwitch ECSevenSegment ECSignalLamp ECSPDT ECSPST ECSRFlipFlop ECSubcircuit ECVoltageSignal ExternalConnection FullAdder Inductor Inverter MagnitudeComparator MatrixDisplay MatrixDisplayDriver Meter MultiInputGate Multiplexer ParallelPortComponent PICComponent Probe RAM Resistor ResistorDIP SerialPortComponent VariableCapacitor VariableResistor CallSub Count Delay Embed End FlowContainer InputButton Keypad Pulse ReadPort SetPin SevenSeg Start TestPin Unary VarAssignment VarComparison WritePort

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Detailed Description

This class handles the widgets (those things associated with CNItems that use QWidgets. This class is pretty much to maintain a tidy interface: the functions could just as well be all shoved in CNItem, but that gets messy.
David Saxton

Definition at line 31 of file ciwidgetmgr.h.

Public Member Functions

ButtonaddButton (const QString &id, const QRect &pos, QPixmap pixmap, bool toggle=false)
ButtonaddButton (const QString &id, const QRect &pos, const QString &display, bool toggle=false)
SlideraddSlider (const QString &id, int minValue, int maxValue, int pageStep, int value, Qt::Orientation orientation, const QRect &pos)
Buttonbutton (const QString &id) const
virtual void buttonStateChanged (const QString &, bool)
 CIWidgetMgr (QCanvas *canvas, CNItem *item)
void drawWidgets (QPainter &p)
void enterEvent ()
void leaveEvent ()
int mgrX () const
int mgrY () const
bool mouseDoubleClickEvent (const EventInfo &info)
bool mouseMoveEvent (const EventInfo &info)
bool mousePressEvent (const EventInfo &info)
bool mouseReleaseEvent (const EventInfo &info)
void removeWidget (const QString &id)
void setButtonState (const QString &id, int state)
void setDrawWidgets (bool draw)
void setWidgetsPos (const QPoint &pos)
Sliderslider (const QString &id) const
virtual void sliderValueChanged (const QString &, int)
bool wheelEvent (const EventInfo &info)
WidgetwidgetWithID (const QString &id) const

Protected Attributes

QPoint m_pos
WidgetMap m_widgetMap
QCanvas * p_canvas

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