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Text Class Reference

#include <canvasitemparts.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores internal information about text associated with CNItem.

David Saxton

Definition at line 94 of file canvasitemparts.h.

Public Member Functions

int angleDegrees () const
QPointArray areaPoints () const
QRect boundingRect () const
QBrush brush () const
QCanvas * canvas () const
bool collidesWith (const QCanvasItem *) const
QCanvasItemList collisions (const bool exact) const
QRect drawRect ()
virtual void drawShape (QPainter &p)
int flags () const
int height () const
void hide ()
bool isSelected () const
bool isVisible () const
void move (double const x, double const y)
virtual void moveBy (double const dx, double const dy)
bool needRedraw () const
CNItemparent () const
QPen pen () const
virtual QRect recommendedRect () const
QRect rect () const
void setAngleDegrees (int angleDegrees)
virtual void setBrush (const QBrush &b)
virtual void setCanvas (QCanvas *)
void setFlags (int flags)
void setGuiPartSize (int width, int height)
void setNeedRedraw (const bool needRedraw)
void setOriginalRect (const QRect &r)
virtual void setPen (const QPen &p)
virtual void setSelected (const bool yes)
void setSize (const int w, const int h)
bool setText (const QString &text)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
void setX (double a)
void setY (double a)
void setZ (double a)
void show ()
QSize size () const
 Text (const QString &text, CNItem *parent, const QRect &r, QCanvas *canvas, int flags=Qt::AlignHCenter|Qt::AlignVCenter)
virtual void updateConnectorPoints (bool add)
int width () const
double x () const
double y () const
double z () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addToChunks ()
virtual void changeChunks ()
QPointArray chunks () const
void deinitPainter (QPainter &p)
void draw (QPainter &)
void initPainter (QPainter &p)
void invalidate ()
bool isValid () const
virtual void posChanged ()
virtual void removeFromChunks ()
void setWinding (bool)
void update ()
bool winding () const

Protected Attributes

bool b_pointsAdded
int m_angleDegrees
int m_flags
QRect m_originalRect
QString m_text
double myx
double myy
double myz
bool val

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