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 *   Copyright (C) 2003-2005 by David Saxton                               *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *

#ifndef KTECHLAB_H
#define KTECHLAB_H

#include <katemdi.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include <qvaluelist.h>

class CircuitDocument;
class TextDocument;
class ComponentSelector;
class Document;
class FlowCodeDocument;
class ItemEditor;
class LanguageManager;
class LogView;
class MechanicsDocument;
class ProjectManager;
class View;
class ViewArea;
class ViewContainer;

typedef QMap< int, QString > IntStringMap;
typedef QValueList< QGuardedPtr<ViewContainer> > ViewContainerList;

class KAction;
class KActionCollection;
class RecentFilesAction;
class KTabWidget;
class KToolBar;
class KToggleAction;
class KURL;
class QLabel;

 * This class serves as the main window for KTechlab.  It handles the
 * menus, toolbars, status bars, loading/saving files, config, etc.
 * @short Main window class
 * @author David Saxton
00051 class KTechlab : public KateMDI::MainWindow
             * @return pointer to the main KTechlab object. This is set to null when
             * KTechlab is about to be deleted.
00062             static KTechlab * self() { return m_pSelf; }
             * The standard item font in use (set to a maximum of 12 pixels).
00066             QFont itemFont() const { return m_itemFont; }
             * Returns a pointer to an action with the given name.
            KAction * action( const QString & name ) const;
             * Returns a URL from a Open File dialog (with all ktechlab related file
             * types allowed).
             * @param allowMultiple Whether to allow the user to select more than
             * one URL.
            static KURL::List getFileURLs( bool allowMultiple = true );
             * Returns a list of the recently opened/saved files
            QStringList recentFiles();
             * The tab and window captions will get updated when we have re-entered
             * the Qt event loop.
            void requestUpdateCaptions();
             * Returns the tabwidget that shows the list of view containers.
00090             KTabWidget * tabWidget() const { return m_pViewContainerTabWidget; }
             * Registers the viewcontainer with the internal list.
            void addWindow( ViewContainer * vc );
             * Removes all gui clients added to the factory other than ourself.
            void removeGUIClients();
             * Work around a crash. Adds the given KXMLGUIClient to a list of those
             * that ktechlab will not attempt to remove on calling removeGUIClients.
            void addNoRemoveGUIClient( KXMLGUIClient * client );
             * For preventing flickering when we are updating the toolbars - grab
             * a pixmap of the current toolbars, and overlay it in position.
            void overlayToolBarScreenshot();
             * Opens a file in the given ViewArea.
            void openFile( ViewArea * viewArea );
            virtual void show();
             * Emitted when the user changes the configuration settings in the config dialog
            void configurationChanged();
             * Emitted when a recent file is added
            void recentFileAdded( const KURL &url );
             * Emitted when ViewContainers should update their captions.
            void needUpdateCaptions();
      public slots:
             * The user right clicked on a tab item.
            void slotTabContext( QWidget* widget,const QPoint & pos );
             * The user clicked on an item in the tab-menu (from right clicking).
            void slotTabContextActivated( int id );
            void slotChangeStatusbar(const QString& text);
             * Open the document at the given url. If viewArea is non-null, then the
             * new view will be put into viewArea.
            void load( const KURL & url, ViewArea * viewArea = 0l );
            void slotUpdateConfiguration();
             * Adds a url to the list of recently opened files
            void addRecentFile( const KURL &url );
             * A document had its modified state changed; will update actions, 
             * tab titles, etc as appropriate.
            void slotDocModifiedChanged();
             * A document had its undo/redo state changed; will update actions, 
             * tab titles, etc as appropriate.
            void slotDocUndoRedoChanged();
            void slotFileNewAssembly();
            void slotFileNewMicrobe();
            void slotFileNewC();
            void slotFileNewCircuit();
            void slotFileNewFlowCode();
            void slotFileNewMechanics();
            void slotFileNew();
            void slotFileOpen();
            void slotFileSave();
            void slotFileSaveAs();
            void slotFilePrint();
            void slotFileQuit();

             * Overridden virtuals for Qt drag 'n drop (XDND)
            virtual void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event);
            virtual void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);
             * This function is called when it is time for the app to save its
             * properties for session management purposes.
            void saveProperties(KConfig *);
             * This function is called when this app is restored.  The KConfig
             * object points to the session management config file that was saved
             * with @ref saveProperties
            void readProperties(KConfig *);
             * Called before the window is closed, either by the user or indirectly by the session manager.
             * This function doesn't actually close the main window; it only queries the user and closes the active view.
             * To quit the appliaction completly, you should use KTechlab::slotFileQuit()
            virtual bool queryClose();
      protected slots:
            void slotViewContainerActivated( QWidget * viewContainer );
            void slotUpdateTabWidget();
             * Updates the tab and window captions from what is currently open and
             * focused.
            void slotUpdateCaptions();

      private slots:
             * Called from a QTimer timeout (which should be after the toolbars have
             * finished constructing themselves).
            void hideToolBarOverlay();
             * Called when the user clicks on an example (circuit, etc) from the
             * help menu/
            void openExample( int id );
            void slotViewContainerDestroyed( QObject * obj );
            // Editing operations
            void slotEditUndo();
            void slotEditRedo();
            void slotEditCut();
            void slotEditCopy();
            void slotEditPaste();
             * Split the current view into two
            void slotViewSplitLeftRight();
             * Split the current view into two
            void slotViewSplitTopBottom();
            void slotViewContainerClose();
            void slotViewClose();
            void slotOptionsShowStatusbar();
            void slotOptionsConfigureKeys();
            void slotOptionsConfigureToolbars();
            void slotOptionsPreferences();

            void setupActions();
            void setupExampleActions();
            void setupToolDocks();
            void setupView();
            void setupTabWidget();
            RecentFilesAction * m_recentFiles;
            RecentFilesAction * m_recentProjects;
            KToggleAction * m_statusbarAction;
            KTabWidget * m_pViewContainerTabWidget;
            QString m_lastStatusBarMessage;
            QValueList<KXMLGUIClient*> m_noRemoveGUIClients;
            QLabel * m_pToolBarOverlayLabel;
            bool m_bIsShown; // Set true when show() is called
            ViewContainerList m_viewContainerList;
            QTimer * m_pUpdateCaptionsTimer;
            IntStringMap m_exampleFiles;
            QFont m_itemFont;
            static KTechlab * m_pSelf;
            QGuardedPtr<ViewContainer> m_pContextMenuContainer;
            QGuardedPtr<ViewContainer> m_pFocusedContainer;
            QGuardedPtr<ViewContainer> m_pContainerDropSource;
            QGuardedPtr<ViewContainer> m_pContainerDropReceived;

#endif // KTECHLAB_H

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