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 *   Copyright (C) 2005 by David Saxton                                    *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *


#include "item.h"
#include "microsettings.h"

#include <qdom.h>

class Connector;
class ECSubcircuit;
class KURL;
class Node;
class PinMapping;

typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Connector> > ConnectorList;
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Item> > ItemList;
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Node> > NodeList;
typedef QMap< QString, PinMapping > PinMappingMap;

typedef QValueList<QPoint> QPointList;
typedef QMap<QString, bool> BoolMap;
typedef QMap<QString, double> DoubleMap;
typedef QMap<QString, int> IntMap;
typedef QMap<QString, QColor> QColorMap;
typedef QMap<QString, QString> QStringMap;
typedef QMap<QString, QBitArray> QBitArrayMap;

class ItemData
            QString type;
            double x;
            double y;
            int z;
            QRect size;
            bool setSize;
            int orientation; // used for flowparts, should be set to -1 if not used.
            double angleDegrees;
            bool flipped;
            BoolMap buttonMap;
            IntMap sliderMap;
            QString parentId;
            BoolMap dataBool;
            DoubleMap dataNumber;
            QColorMap dataColor;
            QStringMap dataString;
            QBitArrayMap dataRaw;
typedef QMap< QString, ItemData > ItemDataMap;

class ConnectorData
            QPointList route;
            bool manualRoute;
            bool startNodeIsChild;
            bool endNodeIsChild;
            QString startNodeCId;
            QString endNodeCId;
            QString startNodeParent;
            QString endNodeParent;
            QString startNodeId;
            QString endNodeId;
typedef QMap< QString, ConnectorData > ConnectorDataMap;

class NodeData
            double x;
            double y;
typedef QMap< QString, NodeData > NodeDataMap;

class PinData
            PinSettings::pin_type type;
            PinSettings::pin_state state;
typedef QMap< QString, PinData > PinDataMap;

class MicroData
            void reset();
            QString id;
            PinDataMap pinMap;
            QStringMap variableMap;
            PinMappingMap pinMappings;

This class encapsulates all or part of an ItemDocument. It is used for writing
the document to file / reading from file, as well as for the clipboard and
undo/redo system.
@author David Saxton
00126 class ItemDocumentData
            ItemDocumentData( uint documentType );
             * Erases / resets all data to defaults
            void reset();
             * Read in data from a saved file. Any existing data in this class will
             * be deleted first.
             * @returns true iff successful
            bool loadData( const KURL &url );
             * Write the data to the given file.
             * @returns true iff successful
            bool saveData( const KURL &url );
             * Returns the xml used for describing the data
            QString toXML();
             * Restore the document from the given xml
             * @return true if successful
            bool fromXML( const QString &xml );
             * Saves the document to the data
            void saveDocumentState( ItemDocument *itemDocument );
             * Restores a document to the state stored in this class
            void restoreDocument( ItemDocument *itemDocument );
             * Merges the stuff stored here with the given document. If this is
             * being used for e.g. pasting, you should call generateUniqueIDs()
             * @param selectNew if true then the newly created items & connectors will be selected
            void mergeWithDocument( ItemDocument *itemDocument, bool selectNew );
             * Replaces the IDs of everything with unique ones for the document.
             * Used in pasting.
            void generateUniqueIDs( ItemDocument *itemDocument );
             * Move all the items, connectors, nodes, etc by the given amount
            void translateContents( int dx, int dy );
             * Returns the document type.
             * @see Document::DocumentType
00182             uint documentType() const { return m_documentType; }
            //BEGIN functions for adding data
            void setMicroData( const MicroData &data );
            void addItems( const ItemList &itemList );
            void addConnectors( const ConnectorList &connectorList );
            void addNodes( const NodeList &nodeList );
             * Add the given ItemData to the stored data
            void addItemData( ItemData itemData, QString id );
             * Add the given ConnectorData to the stored data
            void addConnectorData( ConnectorData connectorData, QString id );
             * Add the given NodeData to the stored data
            void addNodeData( NodeData nodeData, QString id );
            //END functions for adding data
            //BEGIN functions for returning strings for saving to xml
            QString documentTypeString() const;
            QString revisionString() const;
            //END functions for returning strings for saving to xml
            //BEGIN functions for generating QDomElements
            QDomElement microDataToElement( QDomDocument &doc );
            QDomElement itemDataToElement( QDomDocument &doc, const ItemData &itemData );
            QDomElement nodeDataToElement( QDomDocument &doc, const NodeData &nodeData );
            QDomElement connectorDataToElement( QDomDocument &doc, const ConnectorData &connectorData );
            //END functions for generating QDomElements
            //BEGIN functions for reading QDomElements to stored data
            void elementToMicroData( QDomElement element );
            void elementToItemData( QDomElement element );
            void elementToNodeData( QDomElement element );
            void elementToConnectorData( QDomElement element );
            //END functions for reading QDomElements to stored data
            ItemDataMap m_itemDataMap;
            ConnectorDataMap m_connectorDataMap;
            NodeDataMap m_nodeDataMap;
            MicroData m_microData;
            uint m_documentType; // See Document::DocumentType

class SubcircuitData : public ItemDocumentData
            void initECSubcircuit( ECSubcircuit * ecSubcircuit );


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