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PropertyEditor Class Reference

#include <propertyeditor.h>

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Detailed Description

A list view to edit any type of properties.

Definition at line 31 of file propertyeditor.h.

Public Slots

virtual void setFocus ()

Public Member Functions

void create (ItemGroup *itemGroup)
bool handleKeyPress (QKeyEvent *ev)
 PropertyEditor (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void reset ()
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
void updateDefaultsButton ()

Protected Slots

void fill ()
void moveEditor ()
void resetItem ()
void slotClicked (QListViewItem *item)
void slotCollapsed (QListViewItem *item)
void slotColumnSizeChanged (int section)
void slotColumnSizeChanged (int section, int oldS, int newS)
void slotCurrentChanged (QListViewItem *)
void slotExpanded (QListViewItem *item)

Protected Member Functions

int baseRowHeight () const
void createEditor (PropertyEditorItem *i)
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *ev)
void showDefaultsButton (bool show)

Protected Attributes

bool justClickedItem: 1
 Used in setFocus() to prevent scrolling to previously selected item on mouse click.
int m_baseRowHeight
QGuardedPtr< PropertySubEditorm_currentEditor
KPushButton * m_defaults
PropertyEditorItem::Dict m_items
QGuardedPtr< ItemGroupm_pItemGroup


class PropertyEditorItem
class PropertySubEditor

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