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ItemGroup Class Reference

#include <itemgroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for ItemGroup:

CNItemGroup MechanicsGroup

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Detailed Description

Generic base class for controlling a selection of Item. Provides some functionality such as for dealing with item data
David Saxton

Definition at line 34 of file itemgroup.h.

Public Slots

void slotAlignHorizontally ()
void slotAlignVertically ()
void slotDistributeHorizontally ()
void slotDistributeVertically ()


void itemAdded (Item *item)
void itemRemoved (Item *item)

Public Member Functions

ItemactiveItem () const
virtual bool addQCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem)=0
virtual bool contains (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem) const =0
virtual uint count () const =0
virtual void deleteAllItems ()=0
bool isEmpty () const
uint itemCount () const
 ItemGroup (ItemDocument *view, const char *name=0)
ItemList items (bool excludeParented=true) const
bool itemsAreSameType () const
bool itemsHaveDefaultData () const
bool itemsHaveSameData () const
bool itemsHaveSameDataValue (const QString &id) const
virtual void mergeGroup (ItemGroup *group)=0
virtual void removeAllItems ()=0
virtual void removeQCanvasItem (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem)=0
virtual void setItems (QCanvasItemList list)=0
virtual void setSelected (bool sel)=0

Protected Member Functions

void registerItem (Item *item)
void unregisterItem (Item *item)
void updateAreSameStatus ()

Protected Attributes

bool b_itemsAreSameType
ItemList m_itemList

Private Slots

void getViewPtrs ()

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