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 *   Copyright (C) 2003-2005 by David Saxton                               *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *

#ifndef CNITEM_H
#define CNITEM_H

#include "item.h"
#include "ciwidgetmgr.h"

class Button;
class CNItem;
class ICNDocument;
class Connector;
class DoubleSpinBox;
class LibraryItem;
class Node;
class QSlider;
class QString;
class QToolButton;
class QWMatrix;
class Slider;
class Text;

class NodeInfo
      QString id; // External id (ICNDocument scope)
      Node *node; //Pointer to the node
      double x; // X position relative to item
      double y; // Y position relative to item
      int orientation; // Orientation relative to item

typedef QMap<QString, QString> StringMap;
typedef QMap<QString, NodeInfo> NodeInfoMap; // Internal id, node info
typedef QValueList<QGuardedPtr<Connector> > ConnectorList;
typedef QMap<QString, QGuardedPtr<Text> > TextMap;

Essentially, all items that live on ICNDocument should inherit from this class.
This class provides much functionality (moving items, creation of associated nodes,
saving and editing of associated data, cutting / copying, etc)
@short Base class for all components/flowparts/etc
@author Daniel Clarke
@author David Saxton
00058 class CNItem : public Item, public CIWidgetMgr
      CNItem( ICNDocument *_icnView, bool newItem, const QString &id );
      virtual ~CNItem();
       * Creates a node which is attached to the item. The node will be moved
       * about with the item, and destroyed along with the item. The position
       * coordinates of the node are relative to the upper left corner of the item.
       * @param type See Node::node_type
      Node* createNode( double _x, double _y, int orientation, const QString &name, uint type );
       * Removes a child node. You should use this function if you want to remove
       * any nodes during the lifetime of the CNItem.
      bool removeNode( const QString &name );
       * Returns the closest node that is associated with the CNItem
      Node *getClosestNode( const QPoint &pos );
       * Returns a list of connectors associated with the CNItem
      ConnectorList connectorList();
      virtual bool preResize( QRect sizeRect );
      virtual bool mousePressEvent( const EventInfo &eventInfo );
      virtual bool mouseReleaseEvent( const EventInfo &eventInfo );
      virtual bool mouseDoubleClickEvent ( const EventInfo &eventInfo );
      virtual bool mouseMoveEvent( const EventInfo &eventInfo );
      virtual bool wheelEvent( const EventInfo &eventInfo );
      virtual void enterEvent();
      virtual void leaveEvent();
       * ICNDocument needs to know what 'cells' a CNItem is present in,
       * so that connection mapping can be done to avoid CNItems.
       * This function will add the hit penalty to the cells pointed to
       * by ICNDocument::cells()
      virtual void updateConnectorPoints( bool add );
       * Converts the id used to internally identify a node to the global
       * ICNDocument node id. eg "vss" might return "node__13".
      QString nodeId( const QString &internalNodeId );
       * Returns a pointer to the node with the given internal (child) id
      Node *childNode( const QString &childId );
       * Returns the node map used:
       * QMap<QString, NodeInfo> NodeInfoMap
       * It's probably best to cache this data
00114       NodeInfoMap nodeMap() const { return m_nodeMap; }
       * Returns the TextMap used for canvas text
00118       TextMap textMap() const { return m_textMap; }
      virtual void setVisible( bool yes );
      virtual void updateZ( int baseZ );

      virtual ItemData itemData() const;
      virtual void restoreFromItemData( const ItemData &itemData );
      virtual void updateNodeLevels();
      virtual void drawShape( QPainter &p );
       * Emitted when the angle or flipped'ness changes. Note that CNItem doesn't
       * actually emit this signal - instead, Component and FlowPart classes do.
      void orientationChanged();
public slots:
       * Moves item - use this instead of moveBy() so that associated Nodes also get moved
      virtual void moveBy( double dx, double dy );
       * Remove the item and associated nodes. It appends the item to the
       * ICNDocument's delete list, so you must call ICNDocument::flushDeleteList()
       * after calling this (and possible ICNDocument::clearDeleteList() befor
       * calling it) The virtual function void handleRemove() is called to allow
       * any child classes to clear up any neccessary data (which doesn't do
       * anything by default), before CNItem does the rest
      virtual void removeItem();
       * This item has been resized, so update the nodes relative positions
      virtual void updateAttachedPositioning();
      virtual void reparented( Item *oldParent, Item *newParent );
      virtual void postResize();
       * CNItem handles drawing of text associated with the CNItem.
       * @param id is a unique identifier that can be used to change the text displayed.
       * @param pos is the position that the text occupies relative to the top left corner of the CNItem.
       * @param display is the actual text to be displayed.
       * @param internal is used to determine the z-level of the text - whether it should be below or above the item
       * @param flags Text alignment flags - Qt::AlignmentFlags and Qt::TextFlags OR'd together.
      Text* addDisplayText( const QString &id, const QRect & pos, const QString &display, bool internal = true, int flags = Qt::AlignHCenter | Qt::AlignVCenter );
      void setDisplayText( const QString &id, const QString &display );
       * Remove the display text with the given id
      void removeDisplayText( const QString &id );
       * Sets the right colour if selected, transforms the matrix of the painter
      virtual void initPainter( QPainter &p );
      QGuardedPtr<ICNDocument> p_icnDocument;
      TextMap m_textMap;
      NodeInfoMap m_nodeMap;
      QColor m_selectedCol;
      QColor m_brushCol;
      bool b_pointsAdded;
typedef QValueList<CNItem*> CNItemList;


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