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ExternalLanguage Class Reference

#include <externallanguage.h>

Inheritance diagram for ExternalLanguage:

Language Gpasm Gpdasm Gplib Gplink Microbe PicProgrammer SDCC

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Detailed Description

Base class for Language support that relies on an external program; so this class provides functionality for dealing with external processes.

Daniel Clarke

David Saxton

Definition at line 25 of file externallanguage.h.


void processFailed (Language *language)
void processSucceeded (Language *language)

Public Member Functions

 ExternalLanguage (ProcessChain *processChain, const QString &name)
outputPath (ProcessOptions::ProcessPath::Path inputPath) const =0
virtual void processInput (ProcessOptions options)=0
ProcessOptions processOptions () const

Protected Slots

void processExited (KProcess *)
void receivedStderr (KProcess *, char *buffer, int buflen)
void receivedStdout (KProcess *, char *buffer, int buflen)

Protected Member Functions

void deleteLanguageProcess ()
void displayProcessCommand ()
virtual MessageInfo extractMessageInfo (const QString &text)
void finish (bool successful)
virtual bool isError (const QString &message) const =0
virtual bool isStderrOutputFatal (const QString &message) const
virtual bool isWarning (const QString &message) const =0
void outputError (const QString &error)
void outputMessage (const QString &message)
virtual void outputtedError (const QString &)
virtual void outputtedMessage (const QString &)
virtual void outputtedWarning (const QString &)
void outputWarning (const QString &message)
virtual bool processExited (bool successfully)
void processInitFailed ()
void reset ()
void resetLanguageProcess ()
bool start ()

Protected Attributes

int m_errorCount
QString m_failedMessage
KProcess * m_languageProcess
ProcessOptions m_processOptions
QString m_successfulMessage

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