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FlowICNDocument Class Reference

#include <flowicndocument.h>

Inheritance diagram for FlowICNDocument:

ICNDocument ItemDocument Document FlowCodeDocument

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Detailed Description

A document holding a flow-diagram
Zoltan P <zoltan.padrah@gmail.com>

Definition at line 26 of file flowicndocument.h.

Public Types

enum  DocumentType {
  dt_none, dt_flowcode, dt_circuit, dt_mechanics,
  dt_text, dt_pinMapEditor
enum  hit_score { hs_none = 0, hs_connector = 4, hs_item = 1000 }

Public Slots

void alignHorizontally ()
void alignVertically ()
void cancelCurrentOperation ()
void createCellMap ()
virtual void cut ()
virtual void deleteSelection ()
void distributeHorizontally ()
void distributeVertically ()
void exportToImage ()
void lowerZ ()
virtual void paste ()
void processItemDocumentEvents ()
void raiseZ ()
virtual void redo ()
void requestCanvasResize ()
void requestRerouteInvalidatedConnectors ()
virtual void slotInitItemActions ()
void slotRequestAssignNG ()
void slotSetDrawAction (int da)
void slotSetRepeatedItemId (const QString &id)
void slotUnsetRepeatedItemId ()
virtual void slotUpdateConfiguration ()
void slotUpdateZOrdering ()
virtual void undo ()


void connectorAdded (Connector *connector)
void fileNameChanged (const KURL &url)
void modifiedStateChanged ()
void nodeAdded (Node *node)
void selectionChanged ()
void undoRedoStateChanged ()
void viewFocused (View *view)
void viewUnfocused ()

Public Member Functions

ViewactiveView () const
void addCPenalty (int x, int y, int score)
virtual ItemaddItem (const QString &id, const QPoint &p, bool newItem)
virtual void appendDeleteList (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem)
virtual bool canConnect (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem1, QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem2) const
Canvascanvas () const
QRect canvasBoundingRect () const
virtual void canvasRightClick (const QPoint &pos, QCanvasItem *item)
QString caption () const
Cellscells () const
void clearHistory ()
CNItemcnItemWithID (const QString &id)
const ConnectorList & connectorList () const
ConnectorconnectorWithID (const QString &id)
virtual void convertToAssembly ()
virtual void convertToHex ()
virtual void convertToMicrobe ()
virtual void convertToPIC ()
virtual void copy ()
ConnectorcreateConnector (Node *node1, Node *node2, QPointList *pointList=0)
virtual ConnectorcreateConnector (const QString &startNodeId, const QString &endNodeId, QPointList *pointList=0)
virtual ConnectorcreateConnector (Connector *con1, Connector *con2, const QPoint &pos1, const QPoint &pos2, QPointList *pointList=0L)
virtual ConnectorcreateConnector (Node *node, Connector *con, const QPoint &pos2, QPointList *pointList=0)
virtual ViewcreateView (ViewContainer *viewContainer, uint viewAreaId, const char *name=0l)
unsigned dcopID () const
DCOPObject * dcopObject () const
virtual void debugInterrupt ()
virtual void debugRun ()
virtual void debugStep ()
virtual void debugStop ()
virtual bool fileClose ()
virtual void fileSave ()
virtual void fileSaveAs ()
FlowContainerflowContainer (const QPoint &pos)
 FlowICNDocument (const QString &caption, const char *name)
virtual void flushDeleteList ()
QString generateUID (QString name)
int getActionTicket () const
virtual ConnectorList getCommonConnectors (const ItemList &list)
virtual NodeList getCommonNodes (const ItemList &list)
FPNodegetFPnodeWithID (const QString &id)
void getTranslatable (const ItemList &itemList, ConnectorList *fixedConnectors=0l, ConnectorList *translatableConnectors=0l, NodeGroupList *translatableNodeGroups=0l)
bool getURL (const QString &types)
bool isDeleted () const
virtual bool isModified () const
virtual bool isRedoAvailable () const
virtual bool isUndoAvailable () const
virtual bool isValidItem (const QString &itemId)=0
virtual bool isValidItem (Item *item)=0
QCanvasItem * itemAtTop (const QPoint &pos) const
ItemList itemList () const
ItemitemWithID (const QString &)
void lowerZ (const ItemList &itemList)
const GuardedNodeGroupList & nodeGroupList () const
virtual NodeList nodeList () const
virtual NodenodeWithID (const QString &id)
uint numberOfViews () const
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &url)
virtual void print ()
void raiseZ (const ItemList &itemList)
virtual bool registerItem (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem)
bool registerUID (const QString &uid)
void requestEvent (ItemDocumentEvent::type type)
void requestStateSave (int actionTicket=-1)
void rerouteInvalidatedConnectors ()
void select (QCanvasItem *item)
void select (const QCanvasItemList &list)
virtual void selectAll ()
virtual ItemGroupselectList () const
void setAddToProjectOnSave (bool add)
void setCaption (const QString &caption)
void setDCOPID (unsigned id)
void setItemResizeCursor (int cornerType)
virtual void setModified (bool modified)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
virtual void slotAssignNodeGroups ()
DocumentType type () const
virtual void unregisterUID (const QString &uid)
void unselect (QCanvasItem *qcanvasItem)
void unselectAll ()
virtual void update ()
const KURL & url () const
ViewList viewList () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QPoint gridSnap (const QPoint &pos)
 Returns 'pos' when snapped to grid.
static int gridSnap (int pos)

Protected Slots

void updateItemViewScrollbars ()

Protected Member Functions

void addAllItemConnectorPoints ()
NodeGroupcreateNodeGroup (Node *node)
virtual void deleteAllNodes ()
bool deleteNodeGroup (Node *node)
virtual void fillContextMenu (const QPoint &pos)
virtual void handleNewView (View *view)
virtual void itemAdded (Item *item)
bool joinConnectors (FPNode *fpnode)
void resizeCanvasToItems ()
virtual void selectAllNodes ()
void setSVGExport (bool svgExport)
void updateBackground ()
void writeFile ()

Protected Attributes

bool b_modified
bool m_bDeleted
ConnectorList m_connectorList
QString m_fileExtensionInfo
FPNodeMap m_flowNodeList
 the list of flownodes in the documents
QCanvasItemList m_itemDeleteList
ItemMap m_itemList
DocumentType m_type
ViewList m_viewList


class CanvasEditor

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