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 *   Copyright (C) 2005 by David Saxton                                    *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *

#ifndef MOSFET_H
#define MOSFET_H

#include "matrix.h"
#include "nonlinear.h"

class MOSFETState
            void reset();
            MOSFETState operator-( const MOSFETState & s ) const;
            double A[4][4];
            double I[4];

class MOSFETSettings
            double I_S;       ///< bulk junction saturation current
            double N;         ///< bulk junction emission coefficient
            double K_P;       ///< transconductance coeffecient
            double W;         ///< channel width
            double L;         ///< channel length
            double beta() const { return K_P * W / L; }
#if 0
            double phi;       ///< surface potential
            double T_OX;      ///< oxide thickness
            double P_b;       ///< bulk junction potential
            double M_J;       ///< bulk junction bottom grading coefficient
            double F_C;       ///< bulk junction forward-bbias depletion capacitance coefficient
            double M_JSW;     ///< bulk junction periphery grading coefficient
            double U_0;       ///< surface mobility
            int N_RD;         ///< number of equivalent drain squares
            int N_RS;         ///< number of equivalent source squares

@author David Saxton
00060 class MOSFET : public NonLinear
            enum MOSFET_type { neMOSFET, peMOSFET/*, ndMOSFET, pdMOSFET*/ };
            MOSFET( MOSFET_type type );
            virtual ~MOSFET();
00068             virtual Type type() const { return Element_MOSFET; }
            virtual void update_dc();
            virtual void add_initial_dc();
            MOSFETSettings settings() const { return m_mosfetSettings; }
            void setMOSFETSettings( const MOSFETSettings & settings );
            void calcIg( double V_BS, double V_BD, double V_DS, double V_GS, double V_GD,
                                           double * I_BS, double * I_BD, double * I_DS,
                                           double * g_BS, double * g_BD, double * g_DS,
                                           double * g_M ) const;
            void updateLim();
            virtual void updateCurrents();
             * Calculates the new MOSFETState from the voltages on the nodes.
            void calc_eq();
            MOSFETState m_os;
            MOSFETState m_ns;
            int m_pol;
            double V_lim;
            double V_GS_prev, V_GD_prev, V_BD_prev, V_DS_prev, V_BS_prev;
            MOSFETSettings m_mosfetSettings;
            static const uint PinD, PinG, PinS, PinB;


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