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View Class Reference

#include <view.h>

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ItemView TextView ICNView MechanicsView CircuitView FlowCodeView PinMapView

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 61 of file view.h.


void focused (View *view)
void unfocused ()

Public Member Functions

KAction * action (const QString &name) const
virtual void actualSize ()
virtual bool canZoomIn () const
virtual bool canZoomOut () const
virtual bool closeView ()
unsigned dcopID () const
DCOPObject * dcopObject () const
Documentdocument () const
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *e)
void setDCOPID (unsigned id)
virtual void toggleBreakpoint ()
 View (Document *document, ViewContainer *viewContainer, uint viewAreaId, const char *name=0)
uint viewAreaId () const
ViewContainerviewContainer () const
virtual void viewZoomIn ()
virtual void viewZoomOut ()

Protected Slots

virtual void slotUpdateConfiguration ()

Protected Member Functions

void setFocusWidget (QWidget *focusWidget)

Protected Attributes

unsigned m_dcopID
QVBoxLayout * m_layout
QGuardedPtr< Documentm_pDocument
QWidget * m_pFocusWidget
ViewStatusBar * m_statusBar
uint m_viewAreaId
QGuardedPtr< ViewContainerp_viewContainer

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