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void Simulator::removeLogicInReferences ( LogicIn logic  ) 

Remove pointers to the given LogicIn, called when it is deleted for safety reasons. Simulator does not have any references to LogicIns itself - instead, they are removed from logic chains which are currently marked as changed.

Definition at line 279 of file simulator.cpp.

References m_logicChainStarts, LogicIn::nextLogic(), and LogicIn::setNextLogic().

      if (!logicIn) return;

      QValueList<LogicOut*>::iterator end = m_logicChainStarts.end();

      for (QValueList<LogicOut*>::iterator it = m_logicChainStarts.begin(); it != end; ++it) {
            LogicIn *logicCallback = *it;

            while (logicCallback) {
                  if (logicCallback->nextLogic() == logicIn)

                  logicCallback = logicCallback->nextLogic();

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