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Parser Class Reference

#include <parser.h>

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Detailed Description

Daniel Clarke

David Saxton

Definition at line 194 of file parser.h.

Public Member Functions

void compileConditionalExpression (const QString &expression, Code *ifCode, Code *elseCode) const
ParsercreateChildParser ()
SourceLineList getBracedCode (SourceLineList::const_iterator *it, SourceLineList::const_iterator end)
ExprType getExpressionType (const QString &expression)
void mistake (Microbe::MistakeType type, const QString &context=0)
Codeparse (const SourceLineList &lines)
 Parser (Microbe *mb)
CodeparseWithChild (const SourceLineList &lines)
bool processAssignment (const QString &line)
QString processConstant (const QString &expression, bool *isConstant, bool suppressNumberTooBig=false) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int doArithmetic (int lvalue, int rvalue, Expression::Operation op)
static bool isLiteral (const QString &text)
static int literalToInt (const QString &literal, bool *ok=0l)

Private Member Functions

Parseroperator= (const Parser &)
 Parser (const Parser &)
void processStatement (const QString &name, const OutputFieldMap &fieldMap)

Private Attributes

bool m_bPassedEnd
SourceLine m_currentSourceLine
DefinitionMap m_definitionMap

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