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GpsimProcessor Class Reference

#include <gpsimprocessor.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 243 of file gpsimprocessor.h.

Public Types

enum  CodLoadStatus {
  CodSuccess, CodFileNotFound, CodUnrecognizedProcessor, CodFileNameTooLong,
  CodLstNotFound, CodBadFile, CodFileUnreadable, CodFailure,
enum  InstructionType { LiteralOp, BitOp, RegisterOp, UnknownOp }
enum  ProgramFileValidity { DoesntExist, IncorrectType, Valid }


void runningStatusChanged (bool isRunning)

Public Member Functions

CodLoadStatus codLoadStatus () const
GpsimDebuggercurrentDebugger () const
void displayCodLoadStatus ()
void executeNext ()
 GpsimProcessor (QString symbolFile, QObject *parent=0)
InstructionType instructionType (unsigned address)
bool isRunning () const
MicroInfomicroInfo () const
int operandLiteral (unsigned address)
int operandRegister (unsigned address)
pic_processor * picProcessor () const
unsigned programMemorySize () const
RegisterSetregisterMemory () const
void reset ()
void setDebugMode (GpsimDebugger::Type mode)
void setRunning (bool run)
QStringList sourceFileList ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void compileMicrobe (const QString &filename, QObject *receiver, const char *successMember, const char *failMember=0l)
static QString generateSymbolFile (const QString &fileName, QObject *receiver, const char *successMember, const char *failMember=0l)
static ProgramFileValidity isValidProgramFile (const QString &programFile)

Protected Member Functions

void emitLineReached ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_bCanExecuteNextCycle
CodLoadStatus m_codLoadStatus
GpsimDebugger::Type m_debugMode
GpsimDebuggerm_pDebugger [2]
pic_processor * m_pPicProcessor
const QString m_symbolFile

Private Attributes

bool m_bIsRunning


class GpsimDebugger

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