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ViewContainer Class Reference

#include <viewcontainer.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 120 of file viewcontainer.h.

Public Slots

void updateCaption ()

Public Member Functions

ViewactiveView () const
uint activeViewArea () const
bool canSaveUsefulStateInfo () const
bool closeViewArea (uint id)
bool closeViewContainer ()
int createViewArea (int relativeViewArea, ViewArea::Position position, bool showOpenButton)
void restoreState (KConfig *config, const QString &groupName)
void saveState (KConfig *config)
void setActiveViewArea (uint id)
void setIdUsed (int id)
void setViewAreaId (ViewArea *viewArea, uint id)
void setViewAreaRemoved (uint id)
int uniqueNewId ()
int uniqueParentId ()
Viewview (uint id) const
ViewAreaviewArea (uint id) const
 ViewContainer (const QString &caption, QWidget *parent=0)
uint viewCount () const

Protected Slots

void baseViewAreaDestroyed (QObject *obj)

Protected Member Functions

void findActiveViewArea ()
void restoreViewArea (KConfig *config, int id, ViewArea *viewArea)

Protected Attributes

bool b_deleted
int m_activeViewArea
IntList m_usedIDs
ViewAreaMap m_viewAreaMap

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