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PicAsm14bit Class Reference

#include <picinfo14bit.h>

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Detailed Description

14 Bit PIC Instructions

David Saxton

Definition at line 21 of file picinfo14bit.h.

Public Types

enum  { AsmSetAll = PIC12 | PIC14 | PIC16 }
enum  Set { PIC12 = 1 << 0, PIC14 = 1 << 1, PIC16 = 1 << 2 }

Public Member Functions

void addInstruction (const QString &operand, const QString &description, const QString &opcode)
QStringList operandList () const
virtual Set set () const

Static Public Member Functions

static PicAsm14bitself ()
static QString setToString (Set set)
static Set stringToSet (const QString &set)

Static Protected Attributes

static PicAsm14bitm_self = 0

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