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Oscilloscope Class Reference

#include <oscilloscope.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 73 of file oscilloscope.h.

Public Slots

void reset ()
void slotSliderValueChanged (int value)
void slotTogglePause ()
void slotZoomSliderChanged (int value)


void probeRegistered (int id, ProbeData *probe)
void probeUnregistered (int id)

Public Member Functions

int numberOfProbes () const
double pixelsPerSecond () const
ProbeDataprobeData (int id) const
int probeNumber (int id) const
ProbeDataregisterProbe (Probe *probe)
int64_t scrollTime () const
void setZoomLevel (double zoomLevel)
int sliderTicksPerSecond () const
uint64_t time () const
void unregisterProbe (int id)
double zoomLevel () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Oscilloscopeself (KateMDI::ToolView *parent=0)
static QString toolViewIdentifier ()

Protected Slots

void updateScrollbars ()

Protected Member Functions

void getOldestProbe ()

Protected Attributes

FloatingProbeDataMap m_floatingProbeDataMap
LogicProbeDataMap m_logicProbeDataMap
int m_nextColor
int m_nextId
int m_oldestId
ProbeDataMap m_probeDataMap

Private Member Functions

 Oscilloscope (KateMDI::ToolView *parent)

Private Attributes

double m_zoomLevel

Static Private Attributes

static Oscilloscopem_pSelf = 0


class OscilloscopeView
class ProbePositioner

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