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RegisterState Class Reference

#include <instruction.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains information on the state of a register before an instruction is executed.

Note that all the "uchar" values in this class should be considered as the 8 bits of a register. So for example, if known=0x2, then only the second bit of the register is known, and its value is given in the second bit of value.

David Saxton

Definition at line 295 of file instruction.h.

Public Member Functions

uchar definiteOnes () const
uchar definiteZeros () const
uchar maxValue () const
void merge (const RegisterState &state)
uchar minValue () const
bool operator!= (const RegisterState &state) const
bool operator== (const RegisterState &state) const
void print ()
void reset ()
uchar unknown () const

Public Attributes

uchar known
 Whether or not the value is known (for each bit).
uchar value
 The value of the register.

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