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QString PIC14::minimalTypeString (  )  const

the Type as a string without the P at the front.

Definition at line 195 of file pic14.cpp.

References m_type.

Referenced by Code::generateCode().

      switch ( m_type )
            case P16C84:
                  return "16C84";
            case P16F84:
                  return "16F84";
            case P16F627:
                  return "16F627";
            case P16F628:
                  return "16F628";

//modified checking of 16F877 is included             

            case P16F877:
                  return "16F877";

            case unknown:
      kdError() << k_funcinfo << "Unknown PIC type = " << m_type << endl;
      return 0;;

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