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MicroPackage Class Reference

#include <micropackage.h>

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Detailed Description

Describes the PIC package (i.e. pins).

David Saxton

Definition at line 54 of file micropackage.h.

Public Member Functions

void assignPin (int pinPosition, PicPin::pin_type type, const QString &pinID, const QString &portName="", int portPosition=-1)
 MicroPackage (const int pinCount)
int pinCount (uint pinType=0, const QString &portName="")
QStringList pinIDs (uint pinType=0, const QString &portName="")
PicPinMap pins (uint pinType=0, const QString &portName="")
uint portCount () const
QStringList portNames () const

Private Attributes

int m_numPins
PicPinMap m_picPinMap
QStringList m_portNames

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