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ConRouter Class Reference

#include <conrouter.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstraction for the routing of a connector.

NB: As a general rule of thumb, the point references stored as members of this class are in Cell-space (i.e. 8^2 x smaller than Canvas-space), and the interfacing functions take or give point references in Canvas-space (unless otherwise indicated).

David Saxton

Definition at line 35 of file conrouter.h.

Public Member Functions

QPointList * cellPointList ()
 ConRouter (ICNDocument *cv)
QPointListList dividePoints (uint n) const
void mapRoute (int sx, int sy, int ex, int ey)
bool needsRouting (int sx, int sy, int ex, int ey) const
QPointList pointList (bool reverse) const
void setPoints (const QPointList &pointList, bool reverse=false)
void setRoutePoints (const QPointList &pointList)
QPointListList splitPoints (const QPoint &pos) const
void translateRoute (int dx, int dy)

Protected Member Functions

void checkACell (int x, int y, Cell *prev, int prevX, int prevY, int nextScore)
void checkCell (int x, int y)
bool checkLineRoute (int scx, int scy, int ecx, int ecy, int maxConScore, int maxCIScore)
void removeDuplicatePoints ()

Protected Attributes

QPointList m_cellPointList
int m_lcx
int m_lcy
TempLabelMap tempLabels
int xcells
int ycells

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