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Canvas Class Reference

#include <itemdocument.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 410 of file itemdocument.h.

Public Slots

virtual void advance ()
void slotSetAllChanged ()


void resized ()
void resized (const QRect &oldSize, const QRect &newSize)

Public Member Functions

virtual void addItem (QCanvasItem *)
void addItemToChunk (QCanvasItem *, int i, int j)
void addItemToChunkContaining (QCanvasItem *, int x, int y)
virtual void addView (QCanvasView *)
QCanvasItemList allItems ()
QColor backgroundColor () const
QPixmap backgroundPixmap () const
 Canvas (ItemDocument *itemDocument, const char *name=0)
int chunkSize () const
QCanvasItemList collisions (const QPointArray &pa, const QCanvasItem *item, bool exact) const
QCanvasItemList collisions (const QRect &) const
QCanvasItemList collisions (const QPoint &) const
void drawArea (const QRect &, QPainter *p, bool double_buffer=false)
void drawCanvasArea (const QRect &, QPainter *p=0, bool double_buffer=true)
void drawViewArea (QCanvasView *view, QPainter *p, const QRect &r, bool dbuf)
int height () const
bool onCanvas (const QPoint &p) const
bool onCanvas (const int x, const int y) const
QRect rect () const
virtual void removeItem (const QCanvasItem *)
void removeItemFromChunk (QCanvasItem *, int i, int j)
void removeItemFromChunkContaining (QCanvasItem *, int x, int y)
virtual void removeView (QCanvasView *)
virtual void resize (const QRect &size)
virtual void retune (int chunksize, int maxclusters=100)
virtual void setAllChanged ()
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const QColor &c)
virtual void setBackgroundPixmap (const QPixmap &p)
virtual void setChanged (const QRect &area)
virtual void setChangedChunk (int i, int j)
virtual void setChangedChunkContaining (int x, int y)
void setMessage (const QString &message)
virtual void setTile (int x, int y, int tilenum)
virtual void setTiles (QPixmap tiles, int h, int v, int tilewidth, int tileheight)
virtual void setUnchanged (const QRect &area)
virtual void setUpdatePeriod (int ms)
QSize size () const
int tile (int x, int y) const
int tileHeight () const
int tilesHorizontally () const
int tilesVertically () const
int tileWidth () const
int toChunkScaling (int x) const
virtual void update ()
bool validChunk (const QPoint &p) const
bool validChunk (const int x, const int y) const
int width () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawBackground (QPainter &painter, const QRect &clip)
virtual void drawForeground (QPainter &painter, const QRect &clip)

Protected Attributes

QString m_message
QTimer * m_pMessageTimeout

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