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 *   Copyright (C) 2004-2005 by David Saxton                               *
 *   david@bluehaze.org                                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *


#include "config.h"
#include "document.h"

#include <qguardedptr.h>

#include <kate/document.h>

class GpsimDebugger;
class SourceLine;
class TextView;

typedef QValueList<int> IntList;

@author David Saxton
00030 class TextDocument : public Document

      enum CodeType
      enum MarkType {
            Bookmark           = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType01,
            Breakpoint         = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType02,
            ActiveBreakpoint   = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType03,
            ReachedBreakpoint  = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType04,
            DisabledBreakpoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType05,
            ExecutionPoint     = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType06
      virtual View *createView( ViewContainer *viewContainer, uint viewAreaId, const char *name = 0l );

       * Attempts to construct a new TextDocument object and returns a pointer to
       * it if successful, or 0 if it failed.
       * @returns pointer to constructed object, or 0 if there was a problem
      static TextDocument *constructTextDocument( const QString& caption, KTechlab *parent, const char *name = 0L );
       * @returns the guessed code type that this file is
00065       CodeType guessedCodeType() const { return m_guessedCodeType; }
       * Set the given lines as all bookmarks
      void setBookmarks( const IntList &lines );
       * Set the given line to a bookmark (or not)
      void setBookmark( uint line, bool isBookmark );
       * @return List of bookmarks
      IntList bookmarkList() const;
       * Set the given lines as all breakpoints
      void setBreakpoints( const IntList &lines );
       * Set the given line to a breakpoint (or not )
      void setBreakpoint( uint line, bool isBreakpoint );
       * @return List of breakpoints
      IntList breakpointList() const;
#ifndef NO_GPSIM
       * Attach ourselves to the given debugger.
       * @param ownDebugger whether we have permission to delete it.
      void setDebugger( GpsimDebugger * debugger, bool ownDebugger );
      GpsimDebugger * debugger() const { return m_pDebugger; }
      bool ownDebugger() const { return m_bOwnDebugger; }
       * Returns true if the debugger is running (this includes when we are in
       * stepping mode)
      bool debuggerIsRunning() const;
       * Returns true if we are in stepping more
      bool debuggerIsStepping() const;
      QString debugFile() const { return m_debugFile; }
      virtual void clearBreakpoints();
      virtual bool openURL(const KURL& url);
      void fileSave(const KURL& url);
       * Set the document to the given text, making the document unmodified, and
       * reseting the undo/redo history/
       * @param asInitial whether the next should be treated as if we had just
       * opened the file (no undo/redo history, and unmodified).
      void setText( const QString & text, bool asInitial );
       * Attempts to guess the filetype from the file extension, and load an
       * appropriate highlighting/etc
       * @param allowDisable If false, will simply keep the old scheme if nothing
       *                               appropriate is found
      void guessScheme( bool allowDisable = true );
00130       virtual void fileSave() { fileSave(url()); }
      virtual void fileSaveAs();
      virtual void print();
      virtual void setModified( bool modified );
      Kate::View* createKateView( QWidget *parent, const char *name = 0l );
      virtual void undo();
      virtual void redo();
      virtual void cut();
      virtual void copy();
      virtual void paste();
00143       virtual bool isModified() const { return m_doc->isModified(); }
00144       virtual bool isUndoAvailable() const { return (m_doc->undoCount() != 0); }
00145       virtual bool isRedoAvailable() const { return (m_doc->redoCount() != 0); }

      void clearBookmarks();
      virtual bool fileClose();

      static const QPixmap* inactiveBreakpointPixmap();
      static const QPixmap* activeBreakpointPixmap();
      static const QPixmap* reachedBreakpointPixmap();
      static const QPixmap* disabledBreakpointPixmap();
      static const QPixmap* executionPointPixmap();
       * Returns a TextView pointer to the active TextView (if there is one)
      TextView *textView() const;

      enum ConvertToTarget
            MicrobeOutput, // (not used)
      Kate::Document * kateDocument() const { return m_doc; }
public slots:
       * @param target as ConvertToTarget
      void slotConvertTo( int target );
      void convertToAssembly();
      void convertToHex();
      void convertToPIC();
      void formatAssembly();
      void debugRun();
      void debugInterrupt();
      void debugStep();
      void debugStepOver();
      void debugStepOut();
      void debugStop();
      void slotInitLanguage( CodeType type );
       * Called when change line / toggle marks
      void slotUpdateMarksInfo();

      void slotDebugSetCurrentLine( const SourceLine & line );
       * Initialize the actions appropriate for when the debugger is running
       * or stepping
      void slotInitDebugActions();

       * Returns a filepath with the editor's contents in. If the url of this file
       * is non-empty (i.e. the user has already saved the file), then that url is
       * returned. Otherwise, a temporary file with the given extension (ext) is
       * created, and the location of this file is returned.
      QString outputFilePath( const QString &ext );
      void saveDone();
#ifndef NO_GPSIM
       * Looks at the list of marks returned by Kate, and syncs them with the
       * marks that we know about
      void syncBreakpoints();
      int m_lastDebugLineAt; // Last line with a debug point reached mark
      bool m_bLoadDebuggerAsHLL;

      Kate::Document *m_doc;
      QGuardedPtr<TextDocument> m_pLastTextOutputTarget;
private slots:
      void setLastTextOutputTarget( TextDocument * target );
      void slotSyncModifiedStates();
      void slotCODCreationSucceeded();
      void slotCODCreationFailed();
      void slotDebuggerDestroyed();
      void slotBookmarkRequested();
      void slotSelectionmChanged();

      TextDocument( const QString& caption, KTechlab *parent, const char *name = 0L );
      bool m_constructorSuccessful;
      CodeType m_guessedCodeType;
      QPtrList<KAction> m_bookmarkActions;
#ifndef NO_GPSIM
      bool b_lockSyncBreakpoints; // Used to avoid calling syncMarks() when we are currently doing so
      bool m_bOwnDebugger;
      QGuardedPtr<GpsimDebugger> m_pDebugger;
      QString m_symbolFile;
      QString m_debugFile;


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