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Subcircuits Class Reference

#include <subcircuits.h>

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Detailed Description

Interface for dealing with loading / saving / etc of subcircuits
David Saxton

Definition at line 25 of file subcircuits.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static void addSubcircuit (const QString &name, const QString &subcircuitXml)
static ECSubcircuitcreateSubcircuit (int id, CircuitDocument *circuitDocument, bool newItem, const char *newId)
static QString genFileName (const int nextId)
static void initECSubcircuit (int subcircuitId, ECSubcircuit *ecSubcircuit)
static void loadSubcircuits ()
static void updateComponentSelector (int id, const QString &name)

Protected Slots

void slotItemRemoved (const QString &id)


Subcircuitssubcircuits ()

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