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FlowPart * FlowPart::outputPart ( const QString &  internalNodeId  )  [inherited]

Returns a pointer to the FlowPart that is connected to the node with the given internal id, or NULL if no such node / no connected part

Definition at line 332 of file flowpart.cpp.

References CNItem::nodeId(), FPNode::outputFlowPart(), and Node::type().

Referenced by FlowPart::endPart(), FlowCode::generateMicrobe(), FlowPart::gotoCode(), FlowPart::handleIfElse(), and FlowPart::outputParts().

      Node *node = p_icnDocument->nodeWithID( nodeId(internalNodeId) );
      FPNode *fpnode = dynamic_cast<FPNode*>(node);
      if ( !fpnode || fpnode->type() == Node::fp_in )
            return 0l;
      return fpnode->outputFlowPart();

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