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TextDocument Class Reference

#include <textdocument.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 30 of file textdocument.h.

Public Types

enum  CodeType {
  ct_unknown, ct_asm, ct_c, ct_hex,
enum  ConvertToTarget { MicrobeOutput, AssemblyOutput, HexOutput, PICOutput }
enum  DocumentType {
  dt_none, dt_flowcode, dt_circuit, dt_mechanics,
  dt_text, dt_pinMapEditor
enum  MarkType {
  Bookmark = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType01, Breakpoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType02, ActiveBreakpoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType03, ReachedBreakpoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType04,
  DisabledBreakpoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType05, ExecutionPoint = KTextEditor::MarkInterface::markType06

Public Slots

void convertToAssembly ()
void convertToHex ()
void convertToPIC ()
void debugInterrupt ()
void debugRun ()
void debugStep ()
void debugStepOut ()
void debugStepOver ()
void debugStop ()
void formatAssembly ()
void slotConvertTo (int target)
void slotDebugSetCurrentLine (const SourceLine &line)
void slotInitDebugActions ()
void slotInitLanguage (CodeType type)
void slotUpdateMarksInfo ()


void fileNameChanged (const KURL &url)
void modifiedStateChanged ()
void undoRedoStateChanged ()
void viewFocused (View *view)
void viewUnfocused ()

Public Member Functions

ViewactiveView () const
IntList bookmarkList () const
IntList breakpointList () const
QString caption () const
void clearBookmarks ()
virtual void clearBreakpoints ()
virtual void convertToMicrobe ()
virtual void copy ()
Kate::View * createKateView (QWidget *parent, const char *name=0l)
virtual ViewcreateView (ViewContainer *viewContainer, uint viewAreaId, const char *name=0l)
virtual void cut ()
unsigned dcopID () const
DCOPObject * dcopObject () const
QString debugFile () const
GpsimDebuggerdebugger () const
bool debuggerIsRunning () const
bool debuggerIsStepping () const
virtual bool fileClose ()
virtual void fileSave ()
void fileSave (const KURL &url)
virtual void fileSaveAs ()
bool getURL (const QString &types)
CodeType guessedCodeType () const
void guessScheme (bool allowDisable=true)
bool isDeleted () const
virtual bool isModified () const
virtual bool isRedoAvailable () const
virtual bool isUndoAvailable () const
Kate::Document * kateDocument () const
KTechlabktechlab () const
uint numberOfViews () const
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &url)
bool ownDebugger () const
virtual void paste ()
virtual void print ()
virtual void redo ()
virtual void selectAll ()
void setAddToProjectOnSave (bool add)
void setBookmark (uint line, bool isBookmark)
void setBookmarks (const IntList &lines)
void setBreakpoint (uint line, bool isBreakpoint)
void setBreakpoints (const IntList &lines)
void setCaption (const QString &caption)
void setDCOPID (unsigned id)
void setDebugger (GpsimDebugger *debugger, bool ownDebugger)
virtual void setModified (bool modified)
void setText (const QString &text, bool asInitial)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
TextViewtextView () const
DocumentType type () const
virtual void undo ()
const KURL & url () const
ViewList viewList () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const QPixmap * activeBreakpointPixmap ()
static TextDocumentconstructTextDocument (const QString &caption, KTechlab *parent, const char *name=0L)
static const QPixmap * disabledBreakpointPixmap ()
static const QPixmap * executionPointPixmap ()
static const QPixmap * inactiveBreakpointPixmap ()
static const QPixmap * reachedBreakpointPixmap ()

Protected Slots

virtual void slotUpdateConfiguration ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void handleNewView (View *view)
QString outputFilePath (const QString &ext)
void saveDone ()
void syncBreakpoints ()

Protected Attributes

bool b_modified
bool m_bAddToProjectOnSave
bool m_bDeleted
bool m_bLoadDebuggerAsHLL
QString m_caption
unsigned m_dcopID
Kate::Document * m_doc
int m_lastDebugLineAt
unsigned m_nextViewID
QGuardedPtr< TextDocumentm_pLastTextOutputTarget
DocumentType m_type
ViewList m_viewList
QGuardedPtr< Viewp_activeView

Private Slots

void setLastTextOutputTarget (TextDocument *target)
void slotBookmarkRequested ()
void slotCODCreationFailed ()
void slotCODCreationSucceeded ()
void slotDebuggerDestroyed ()
void slotSelectionmChanged ()
void slotSyncModifiedStates ()

Private Member Functions

 TextDocument (const QString &caption, KTechlab *parent, const char *name=0L)

Private Attributes

bool b_lockSyncBreakpoints
QPtrList< KAction > m_bookmarkActions
bool m_bOwnDebugger
bool m_constructorSuccessful
QString m_debugFile
CodeType m_guessedCodeType
QGuardedPtr< GpsimDebuggerm_pDebugger
QString m_symbolFile

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