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ResizeOverlay Class Reference

#include <resizeoverlay.h>

Inheritance diagram for ResizeOverlay:

LineOverlay MechanicsItemOverlay RectangularOverlay

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 116 of file resizeoverlay.h.

Public Slots

void slotMoveAllResizeHandles (double dx, double dy)

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isValidXPos (ResizeHandle *rh)
virtual bool isValidYPos (ResizeHandle *rh)
ItemparentItem () const
 ResizeOverlay (Item *parent)
void setVisible (bool visible)
void showResizeHandles (bool show)

Protected Slots

virtual void slotResizeHandleMoved (int id, double dx, double dy)=0

Protected Member Functions

ResizeHandlecreateResizeHandle (int id, ResizeHandle::DrawType drawType, int xsnap=1, int ysnap=1)
void removeResizeHandle (int id)
ResizeHandleresizeHandle (int id)
void syncX (ResizeHandle *rh1, ResizeHandle *rh2, ResizeHandle *rh3)
void syncX (ResizeHandle *rh1, ResizeHandle *rh2)
void syncY (ResizeHandle *rh1, ResizeHandle *rh2, ResizeHandle *rh3)
void syncY (ResizeHandle *rh1, ResizeHandle *rh2)

Protected Attributes

bool b_showResizeHandles
bool b_visible
ResizeHandleMap m_resizeHandleMap

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