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void FlowContainer::updateAttachedPositioning (  )  [protected, virtual, inherited]

This item has been resized, so update the nodes relative positions

Reimplemented from FlowPart.

Definition at line 326 of file flowcontainer.cpp.

      if (b_deleted)
      int _x = int(x())+offsetX();
      int _y = int(y())+offsetY();
      int w = int((std::floor(float((width()+8)/16)))*16);
      int h = height();
      if (m_ext_in)
            m_ext_in->move( _x+w/2, _y-8 );
      if (m_int_in)
            m_int_in->move( _x+w/2, _y+8+topStrip );
      if (b_expanded)
            if (m_int_out)
                  m_int_out->move( _x+w/2, _y+h-8-botStrip );
            if (m_ext_out)
                  m_ext_out->move( _x+w/2, _y+h-8+botStrip );
            // (Note: dont really care where internal nodes are if not expanded)
            if (m_ext_out)
                  m_ext_out->move( _x+w/2, _y+8+topStrip );
      button("expandBtn")->setGuiPartSize( 22, 22 );
      button("expandBtn")->move( int(x())+offsetX()+7, int(y())+offsetY()+1 );

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