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FlowCode Class Reference

#include <flowcode.h>

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Detailed Description

"FlowCode" can possibly be considered a misnomer, as the output is actually Microbe. However, the function of this class is to take a set of FlowParts, and generate the basic from the code that they create. The 3 simple steps for usage of this function: (1) Create an instance of this class, giving the Start point and setings (2) Add all the subroutines present using addSubroutine() (3) Call generateMicrobe() to get the Microbe code.
David Saxton

Definition at line 39 of file flowcode.h.


void processFailed (Language *language)
void processSucceeded (Language *language)

Public Member Functions

void addCode (const QString &code)
void addCodeBranch (FlowPart *flowPart)
void addStopPart (FlowPart *part)
void addSubroutine (FlowPart *part)
 FlowCode (ProcessChain *processChain, KTechlab *parent)
QString generateMicrobe (const ItemList &itemList, MicroSettings *settings)
bool isValidBranch (FlowPart *flowPart)
outputPath (ProcessOptions::ProcessPath::Path inputPath) const
virtual void processInput (ProcessOptions options)
ProcessOptions processOptions () const
void removeStopPart (FlowPart *part)
void setStartPart (FlowPart *startPart)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString genLabel (const QString &id)

Protected Member Functions

virtual MessageInfo extractMessageInfo (const QString &text)
void finish (bool successful)
void outputError (const QString &error)
void outputMessage (const QString &message)
void outputWarning (const QString &message)
void reset ()
void tidyCode ()

Protected Attributes

FlowPartList m_addedParts
QString m_code
int m_curLevel
int m_errorCount
QString m_failedMessage
QStringList m_gotos
QStringList m_labels
ProcessOptions m_processOptions
FlowPartList m_stopParts
FlowPartList m_subroutines
QString m_successfulMessage

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