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FPNode Class Reference

#include <fpnode.h>

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Detailed Description

FlowPart node.

You should use this node for all FlowParts. It ensures that connections between FlowParts are always valid (eg not more than two outputs from one node, which makes no sense)

David Saxton

Definition at line 26 of file fpnode.h.

Public Types

enum  node_dir { dir_up = 270, dir_right = 0, dir_down = 90, dir_left = 180 }
enum  node_type {
  ec_pin, ec_junction, fp_in, fp_out,

Public Slots

void checkForRemoval (Connector *connector)
void moveBy (double dx, double dy)
void removeNode ()
void removeNode (Item *)
void setNodeSelected (bool yes)


void moved (Node *node)
void removed (Node *node)

Public Member Functions

bool acceptInput () const
bool acceptOutput () const
void addInputConnector (Connector *const connector)
void addOutputConnector (Connector *const connector)
const QString childId () const
ConnectorcreateInputConnector (Node *startNode)
 FPNode (ICNDocument *_icnView, Node::node_type type, node_dir dir, const QPoint &pos, QString *id=0L)
const QString id () const
ConnectorList inputConnectorList () const
FlowPartList inputFlowParts () const
bool isChildNode () const
bool isConnected (Node *node, NodeList *checkedNodes=0L)
int level () const
NodeData nodeData () const
NodeGroupnodeGroup () const
int numCon (bool includeParentItem, bool includeHiddenConnectors) const
ConnectorList outputConnectorList () const
FlowPartoutputFlowPart () const
CNItemparentItem () const
void removeConnector (Connector *connector)
void removeNullConnectors ()
virtual int rtti () const
void setChildId (const QString &id)
virtual void setLevel (const int level)
void setNodeGroup (NodeGroup *ng)
void setOrientation (node_dir dir)
virtual void setParentItem (CNItem *parentItem)
virtual void setVisible (bool yes)
node_type type () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawShape (QPainter &p)
QPoint findConnectorDivergePoint (bool *found)
bool handleNewConnector (Connector *newConnector)
void initPoints ()

Protected Attributes

QString m_childId
node_dir m_dir
QString m_id
ConnectorList m_inputConnectorList
int m_level
ConnectorList m_outputConnectorList
QColor m_selectedColor
node_type m_type

Private Attributes

bool m_isInput

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