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DoubleSpinBox Class Reference

#include <doublespinbox.h>

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Detailed Description

Where appropriate, function names with value in them should be prefixed with "real" - e.g. realValue() - to get the value stored in the spin box plus the SI magnitude symbol it is showing

David Saxton

Definition at line 23 of file doublespinbox.h.

Public Slots

virtual void stepDown ()
virtual void stepUp ()


void valueChanged (double value)

Public Member Functions

 DoubleSpinBox (double lower, double upper, double minAbs, double value, const QString &unit, QWidget *parent=0)
double maxValue () const
double minValue () const
void setMaxValue (int maxValue)
void setMaxValue (double maxValue)
void setMinAbsValue (double minAbsValue)
void setMinValue (int minValue)
void setMinValue (double minValue)
void setUnit (const QString &unit)
void setValue (double value)
double value ()

Protected Slots

void checkIfChanged ()
void setQueuedSuffix ()

Protected Member Functions

double getDisplayedNumber (bool *ok)
double getMult ()
virtual int mapTextToValue (bool *ok)
virtual QString mapValueToText (int v)
double roundToOneSF (double value)
void updateSuffix (double value)

Protected Attributes

double m_lastEmittedValue
double m_maxValue
double m_minAbsValue
double m_minValue
QString m_queuedSuffix
QString m_unit

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