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Pin Class Reference

#include <pin.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 35 of file pin.h.

Public Types

enum  GroundType {
  gt_always = 0, gt_high = 5, gt_medium = 10, gt_low = 15,
  gt_never = 20

Public Member Functions

void addCircuitDependentPin (Pin *pin)
void addElement (Element *e)
void addGroundDependentPin (Pin *pin)
void addInputWire (Wire *wire)
void addOutputWire (Wire *wire)
void addSwitch (Switch *e)
bool calculateCurrentFromWires ()
PinList circuitDependentPins () const
double current () const
bool currentIsKnown () const
ElementList elements () const
int eqId () const
PinList groundDependentPins () const
int groundType () const
WireList inputWireList () const
PinList localConnectedPins () const
void mergeCurrent (double i)
int numWires () const
WireList outputWireList () const
ECNodeparentECNode () const
 Pin (ECNode *parent)
void removeDependentPins ()
void removeElement (Element *e)
void removeSwitch (Switch *e)
void removeWire (Wire *wire)
void resetCurrent ()
void setCurrentKnown (bool isKnown)
void setEqId (int id)
void setGroundType (int gt)
void setSwitchConnected (Pin *pin, bool isConnected)
void setSwitchCurrentKnown (Switch *sw)
void setSwitchCurrentsUnknown ()
void setVoltage (double v)
double voltage () const

Protected Attributes

bool m_bCurrentIsKnown
PinList m_circuitDependentPins
double m_current
ElementList m_elementList
int m_eqId
PinList m_groundDependentPins
int m_groundType
WireList m_inputWireList
WireList m_outputWireList
PinList m_switchConnectedPins
SwitchList m_switchList
SwitchList m_unknownSwitchCurrents
double m_voltage

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