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FloatingProbeData Class Reference

#include <oscilloscopedata.h>

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Detailed Description

David Saxton

Definition at line 311 of file oscilloscopedata.h.

Public Types

enum  Scaling { Linear, Logarithmic }


void displayAttributeChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void addDataPoint (float data)
QColor color () const
float drawPosition () const
virtual void eraseData ()
virtual ullong findPos (llong time) const
 FloatingProbeData (int id)
int id () const
ullong insertPos () const
double lowerAbsValue () const
ullong resetTime () const
Scaling scaling () const
void setColor (QColor color)
void setDrawPosition (float drawPosition)
void setLowerAbsValue (double lowerAbsValue)
void setScaling (Scaling scaling)
void setUpperAbsValue (double upperAbsValue)
ullong toTime (ullong at) const
double upperAbsValue () const

Protected Attributes

QColor m_color
StoredData< float > m_data
float m_drawPosition
const int m_id
ullong m_insertPos
double m_lowerAbsValue
ullong m_resetTime
Scaling m_scaling
double m_upperAbsValue


class OscilloscopeView

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